@ivyverdure ~ This Is Where Chafing Ends

There is finally a cure!

That’s right MF! LOLZ I have found a cure and no it isn’t a piece of clothing which eventually ends up annoying you just as much as the ‘legs on fire’ sensation you may know all too well if you have wonderfully thick thighs… which everyone knows ‘saves lives’!

*This post is becoming too pub heavy right now, so I’m just going to stop*

If you are chub rub survivor, let me introduce you to Ivyverdure – a 100% vegan organic anti-chafing stick that prevents chafing and blisters. Ivyverdure can be used on all sensitive areas that are exposed to friction and has a really pleasant scent which works for all genders. The companies latest product addition, iRELIEF by iVYVERDURE, is an all-in-one stick that can be used against all forms of chafing.

I’m giving you 15% off your order… which relates to any order across the entire site, when you use my code: CHLOE15 PLUS there is FREE worldwide shipping – so get shopping! This summer is set to be a scorcher… make sure it’s not double 🔥🔥 down there!

Nah mean…

CP xo

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