S/S18 My Way

This way folks…

If you’ve been a reader of www.chloepierre.com for a while, you’ll know that I often like to do things, well… my own way.

I don’t follow rules, nor do I follow the official ‘blogger way’ of doing things. I haven’t quite worked out if thats to my detriment yet but hey ho.

S/S18 or Spring Summer 2018 to those not in the Fashion World is coming and I for one am very excited. Mainly because for one of the first summer ever, I have officially come into my own, in terms of fashion and personal styling, which is quite an achievement. Take this look for example. It goes against what society says is summer dressing but then again it’s so me. I can wear PVC and black clothing and still feel summery but better still, I feel like myself.

Shop The Look

How do you intend on taking on S/S18 and making it your own, in your own way?

CP xo

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