Plus Size Ski Wear

Cos’ fat chicks ski too!

On a recent trip to Snowbombing, it was imperative that I bought into ski wear. A first for me as you can imagine, I’ve been skiing once and it was so traumatic, I have absolutely no idea what I wore. Plus it was years ago when I was probably a lot smaller in clothing size.

This time, I am size 18-20 and the shopping experience was notably a lot harder. Not only as a blogger/ influencer were UK ski brands less than excited to work with me, but finding pieces that go above a size 16 was incredibly difficult.

Who came to the rescue? My loves ASOS of course! Although the range doesn’t go above a UK Size 18, their Ski Wear from the A505 (activewear) Collection fit me well, like a glove and allowed me to get up the slopes bravely – knowing I looked fab and curvaceous at every turn.

Ski brands, is that too much to ask for? That you consider that women over a size 16/18 sometimes go skiing/ snowboarding? Jesus!

After my trip, I decided to look into Skiwear over a UK Size 18, or shall I say, the lack of and of course it was disappointing on so many levels but below, you can shop my favourite finds.

Wishing you better luck Plus Size Babes!

CP xo


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