Everyday Performance Underwear

An essential for your wardrobe…

Is everyday performance underwear. Trust me! I know and have been on the hunt for great, supportive underwear for a long time! Remember that tv ad where the woman gets knocked over by a car and on the operating bed they notice she’s not wearing matching underwear? It’s stupid I know, but once you get out of your twenties, the thought of something similar or anyone seeing you in less than matching underwear is cringe! Or maybe that’s just me.

Regardless, cotton underwear however essential is old news. Thongs are just irritating and Frenchies, well I’m just so undecided on the matter. Performance underwear however, I am totally into and so should you! Performance underwear is basically underwear which takes you the long haul, it’s focus is on keeping you comfy, doesn’t rub, doesn’t have a VPL, and is suitable for every aspect of your day from housework to working out. It’s even great for leaks, if you know what I mean.

So of course, I was delighted to discover Knixwear. A fairly new (well to me anyway!) underwear brand which positions itself as being ‘the world’s most comfortable underwear. Seamless, moisture-wicking, and invisible under anything. Worried about leaks? Opt for Leakproof.’

And I, for one, am excited. Head over to the website where you can choose from Knixwear’s various underwear, tees, bras and accessories as well as building your own kit! Do you know how fantastic it feels going to your underwear drawer in the morning knowing just about anything you pull out (if it’s from Knixwear, of course) will fit and keep you secure for the whole of your day? It’s similar to knowing your deodorant has 24-48 hrs protection. Lush!

Everyday performance underwear, peeps, is a thing. And you should really get to know… asap!

CP xo

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