Tips For Speaking Live On The Radio

I remember once upon a time, in my youth, wanting to be a presenter. I quickly dashed those dreams away when I decided I could and would work in fashion.

My career has now done a full circle (or that’s what it seems like) and I’m working within music and entertainment.

It’s been crazy so far (in a great way) and over the last three months, I have been offered opportunities that I literally could never even dream of. One of those was being asked to be a guest panel member, aka speaker on Preeya Kalidas‘ BBC Asian Network show, Life Out Loud.

To listen in to my feature on the show, click here

Me being, well, me, I was beyond nervous because as I said, I could never even dream of this opportunity and I was worried I could possibly make a fool of myself.

Thankfully I didn’t, but nothing quite calmed my nerves ahead of the show than being prepped by none other than Matt Everitt, a BBC 6 Radio Show Host who I luckily introduced to, by none other than Beth Gordon, a music industry superstar who also happens to be one of my bosses.

So what advice did Matt give me to make a radio debut a relative success?

It’s On A Need To Know Basis

Obviously if you have been asked to guest speak anywhere especially in public/ on a public platform, you need to understand what is required from you including call times, your best contact and most importantly the subject of the conversation. Depending on the environment of the show, I’d probably demand this (politely) first before accepting the gig. Luckily for me, it was the BBC and I was in great company so I knew everything would be LE – GIT!

Be Confident

It sounds so obvious but especially if this happens to be your first time speaking on air, the likelihood is that you’ll be a bit nervous (as was I!) but the main thing to remember is that they asked you to join them. That in itself is massive! You probably have a lot to say and will compliment their show.

Few more tips…

Ask other guests questions

Speak slowly, think before you speak and just avoid rushing as you may sound muffled/ like you are mumbling


Do Your Research

Unless it’s a brand new show, darling, you can do some research. Find out about the host, who has spoke on the show before, what kind of discussions they usually have, topics they cover and the shows tone of voice so you can prep yourself accordingly. Also, find out if it’s a live or pre-recorded show. If it’s live… you could be majorly screwed! Haha Joke! This isn’t true but it’s definitely worth finding out – in advance!

If you do get stuck, Matt suggests using a sentence resembling “I’m probably not the best person to answer that” and move on.

Reach Out For Help

As I said, I was luckily enough to be introduced to radio veteran Matt Everitt but should you really get stuck preparing yourself, reach out to one of your favourite presenters and see if they can drop some wisdom on you.

I’ll probably follow up with some of my favourite podcasts sometime over the next few months but if I didn’t speak to Matt, I would have reached out to…

Gal Dem – Needless to say, they are probably the best home grown, media platform around… #justsayin

Remember when they featured me in one of their earlier interviews?

Check out their Mixcloud & Reprezent Radio Show too!

The Pussy Palace girls – They had their own show on Radar Radio

The Slumflower – The girl had ‘it’ from the get go! I am LOVING her Podcast too!

The Man Repeller – US based but extremely knowledgeable with really great guests speaking on her show

Born N Bread – Love my culture and people representing for it too!


Extremely hard to do when your ‘moment’ is looming and sometimes with little notice but vocal exercises are great especially if you are someone who loses their voice/ volume at times like I do. Breathing is also a great technique to try. I did a few exercise before, during and after my debut. Come to think of it, it was super helpful! Just google a few.

And Most Importantly…

Have fun! This is an amazing opportunity and babes, you got this!

If you need any further help, drop me a DM or comment below as I’d love to be able to help you like others so kindly helped me. Let’s make this world turn around, positively!

CP xo

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