Styling Footwear For Summer ’18


Getting dressed from your feet, upwards is definitely a thing.

You should try it!

It almost makes life/ dressing a little easier, you know. As a lover of comfortable footwear, styled with an outfit of perfection, I believe you ultimately break the age old ‘dress code’ for something a little more personal to you.

I get questions and compliments sent to me via social media DM’s all the time, asking how I’m so cool. Without boring you or going into a rant about culture and appropriation, why I assume people get this ‘cool vibe’ from me is that when I dress (and pose) it’s authentic, it’s me. I don’t necessarily jump on trends or throw everything ‘out now’ into one outfit either. We all know style is personal and for me it reflects my mood, values, history and down right comfort.

Take tailoring for example. It can be a bit stiff and I hate to feel restricted in my daily outfits, so one way I know to style a tailored suit/ outfit is to throw in comfy shoes.

Now I’m generally not a fan of the #uglyshoe trend but if people are throwing sliders into that mix so be it, because this Simply Be pair is far from ugly and adds the right amount of comfortability to an outfit and defies dress codes.

Like, could I rock this to work, to a bar, out with friends? You tell me.

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