NEW LOOKS GOOD ON YOU! 🙌 Workwear & Interview Outfit Inspo – #OOTD for #GirlBosses

Being freelance can often confuse what an actual working day is and what it looks like.

Then there is the element of ‘working style’ to reconsider without looking to casual. 

Tailoring is huge news again and has been for the past few years.

I thought I give you a heads up of workwear designers you really ought to know, in order to revamp your working style and to really emulate your inner #GirlBoss this year! 

Co-Ords – Asos 

Waterfall Jacket – Navabi   Dress – Cecily   Shoes – Guess   Clutch – M&S 

Dresses by Cecily


Me + Em

The Fold London

Got an interview coming up that you are hoping to smash? 

Or expecting a promotion and you badly want to secure it? 

No matter what your work goals for this new year, and skill set aside, choose outfits and separates from the collections and site’s below to really increase your chances of standing out and making your #careergoals this year a reality!

Revamp your working wardrobe now! 

CP xo 

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