The Ultimate & Realist Christmas Gift Guide Ever For 2017

Keep it real people!

I’m so tired of going all out for Christmas with the whole ‘Ultimate Gift Guide‘ malarkey and spending unnecessary money in the name of the holidays.

If you are anything like me, you are planning for the successes of 2018 yet to come…some of those goals will become tribulations and they will require funds.

Whilst I am no stranger to lovely gifts, very rarely do I expect others to give them to me. There is always something so pleasing in handling your finances and treating yourself.

That said, there are people I cannot forget to get presents for, and I probably never will. But do I have to break the bank and be both drunk & broke for the holidays? I don’t think so…and neither do you. Whether it’s purchasing that Killin’ Knit for your fashionsta BFF, Ankle Boots for Mum, Art for Dad, or a Secret Santa gift, follow ol’ Chloe, she knows the way!


CP xo


Secret Santa

The Cool Dude



The Fashionsta 

The Artist


The Traveller

The Beauty Obsessed

The Homebody

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