Denim Zipped & Reinvented #LiveInLevis

“Don’t reinvent the wheel, just realign it” Anthony J. D’Angelo

Who knew Levi’s made jeans for curves?

I sure didn’t.

So imagine how excited I was to discover my friends at Navabi stock a fabulous collection in Plus Sizes?!

I had to share my discovery with you all asap, so you could update your wardrobe with Levi’s for Curves.

Thanks to Instagram and my Mother, I decided to do the unthinkable and reinvent a beautiful pair of Levi Jeans made specifically for curvy bodies (at Navabi), to make it more me, or should I say the millenial and trend focused me.

Here is how I reinvented my denim…

The Butt Zip

As a side project, my Mother and I are offering this service to anyone who fancies reinventing their denim – we’ve been doing this for years so you are in fantastic hands.

If you are interested, email me here for prices with the subject line ‘Denim Reinvented’ and we can take it from there.

CP xo

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