THIS Is How You Wear A Blazer in 2017

The rising importance of the Blazer as outerwear this season

What else would you wear as a cover-up under your overcoat? Yes, we are British and we wear overcoats becuase its freezing and one must always dress appropiately.

If a blazer was your go-to cover-up all summer long, then don’t fret, its appeal is showing no signs of waning for AW17.

Whilst in the warmer months, we may have thrown a blazer over a slogan tee, it’s bitchingly cold so try over your choice of layers, oversized clothing i.e a simply mansy type shirt, a hoody for the smart/casual play on things. (I’ve been rocking a blazer like this for years so it’s definitely my norm)

The blazer is the lead silhouette this fall and the range of interpretations from tuxedos to oversized proportions continue to bring new relevancy.

Shop the look below…

According to WGSN Instock retail data, jacket new-ins grew 4.8% to hold 5.6% of the new-in apparel mix, on a month-on-month (MoM) basis. Following its success in 2016, the bomber has definitely peaked and is now on the decline, reducing its share of the new-in mix by 11.9pp year-on-year (YoY).

While blazers have reduced their share of the new-in mix by 4.9pp YoY, they are increasingly being pushed by directional retailers as a fashion item, with Zara, Mango and Missguided increasing volumes YoY appears to have missed a trick, blazers only constitute 10% of its new-in mix (compared to Zara’s 43% and Mango’s 23%). It had the highest volume of new-ins showing SKUs OOS, indicating high demand for blazers that it could have capitalised on more with a broader range.

And what does the future hold for this key item? More FaceTime. The blazer will continue to gain traction as a fashion item for contemporary and 35+ ranges well into A/W17/18. Slightly oversize and long-line renditions offer a more accessible alternative to the broad-shoulder styles seen on the S/S 17 catwalks.

Working particularly well for hi-lo styling, blazers are paired with jeans, casual dresses and sneakers, offering a sartorial alternative to bombers and cardigans.

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