#RIDenim The New Denim Brigade

Could I do the dirty on my regular denim? Let’s investigate…

Yeah, we all have brand loyalty here and there but I love when a brand caters for me and keeps me satisfied – that’s more than I can say my ex ever did. LOLZ (Had to!)

But what is this world without a bit of healthy competition?

River Island set out to tempt me on another level with a surprise test run of their new Super Skinny Amelie jeans, complete with lace panel features on the sides and in my favourite colour… you guessed it honey… black!

Just look how goooood they shape my bottom half!

Review done!

Are you tempted to do the dirt on your current denim?

Well, rest assured, River Island Plus has a lot of choice with their new #RIDenim Brigade. There are four equally tempted styles to try, from the long term resident and go to favourite, Molly (stretch jeans), everyday comfort with Alannah (slim cut & stretch), Amelie (as mentioned above) and the classic MOM jeans, which believe it or not, I am yet to try.

Guess I will be heading to my nearest #RIplus. Will you?

CP xo


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