Balance + Fall

Find balance with the Fall Equinox 

week saw the Fall Equinox mark the first day of Autumn with a day of balance
as the length of the day and night are almost equal. 

the beginning of 2017, the universe has been engaged in a bit of a cosmic
kerfuffle astrologically. The Autumn Equinox is going to help restore some
balance to your life, so get ready to breathe a sigh of relief. 

Just how
does the Autumn Equinox affect your sign

On Sept. 22, the sun shifts into Libra, the air sign that is eternally seeking balance, according to Intuitive Astrology. “As the sun shifts into Libra on the equinox, we are reminded of the goals and lessons we started during the last equinox in April, which was the start of the astrological year,” Intuitive Astrology explained.

Luckily, the Autumn Equinox in Libra can help you restore some balance to your life no matter what your sign is. While it might feel like nothing is going your way, as long as you have continued to move toward what you want, things should start to turn around. This is one of the reasons I love fall — It always feels like the beginning of something shiny and new.


And for those pessimists & resistance to change,
remember, just like the seasons, we know plans & whatever spin we are in
can change too. You just have to be positive.

Need a little more guidance? I found a horoscope page which seemed to read quite true… check out your sign’s future here

Love to you all,

CP xo

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