Se-Queen in @_Lovedrobe_

Sometimes you gotta go glam…

May your dresses be long(ish) & your weekends even longer my glam readers!

Sequins have long been mine (and every girly-girls) favourite party piece but with minimalism on the rise, its easy to become new bff’s with your LBD. 

But what happens when you really need to inject the fun into your life via that bomb ass outfit which is going to set your night on fire?

Just don’t forget to slip on a Spanx underneath your dress like I did here…not necessarily a polished look, but oh-so-real. Am I right?

This luxurious dress by Lovedrobe has just the right amount of sparkle and sophistication to it.

Can I get an amen for putting the LIT in Glitter & Se-Queen in Sequins?

CP xo

Photos by Kaye Forde Photography

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