International Bow Day w/ @shoesmelissa at @Tessutiuk

Happy International Bow Day from Melissa Shoes at @Tessutiuk

Remember when shopping for new term, school shoes were a thing? Here’s the grown-up version…

I personally don’t see why we should, and why we have dropped this ritual… it used to be so much fun!

My go to shop growing up was Ravel Shoes (and mainly the Holloway Branch – my Mum was a stickler for routine) and I’d twist and turn at every glamourous pair hoping my Mum would say yes and whip out that much loved credit card.

Fast forward 20-odd years, I’m no longer shopping at the bank of Mummy, nor with a credit card, and not in store either – instead, I’ve got my own dough and I chose to spend it online, mainly because I’m a digital native and I just love the ease of online shopping.

Finding one place for everything you need is difficult in this day and age (despite what many a brand will strap to the front end of their site)  and it’s even harder to find one place that has everything and matches your own style.


Lucky for you, me and the rest of the readers I like to keep up to date on new sites that ‘got it going on’.

Introducing Tessuti, the latest site to catch my attention and the pounds virtually flying out of my wallet as I type.

I love their selection of shoes, especially the Melissa brand which I have only recently received my first pair of and a cute selection of stylish trainers… not the every high-street kind of crep’ you see everyone in, but the stylish pairs that grown ass, stylish, badass professional women wear.

Yup, you know the ones.

So what are your favourite products from the site?

Share your choices with me and the CP crew below.



Photos by Daniel Smith Photography

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