7 Awesome Tips to Become a Super Fashion Blogger

I hope I can do enough justice with this post…

Whilst I am no Song Of Style or Gabi Fresh, I do believe i have had a lot of success so far as a fashion blogger… but the key is to measure yourself as a successful blogger in your own way and right.

    But being a professional blogger sounds pretty easy on the surface.

    7 Awesome Tips to Become a Super Fashion Blogger

    Think about why you want to be a fashion blogger or any blogger for that matter – 

    Do you have a burning desire to share something with the world wide web? Is it just to have a large following or recieve freebies?

    If this is the case, join a network like this instead and save yourself the time because it’s not an easy opportunity especially in such an oversaturated market like fashion.

    Pick your niche – 

    Having a niche will help you and your followers define who you are and what you stand for. Yes, being lifestyle covers all bases but there are plenty of us #lbloggers out there. What will make you stand out above the crowd?

    Choose your platform – 

    I’ve stayed with Blogger.com for the sheer simplicity of the platform but many, including myself are looking into a blog migration. There are many reasons for this but my top priority after maintaining this blog since 2009 is the control over my content and blog itself – I would hate for Google to just swipe this from under my feet/ Check out WordPress or Squarespace before you launch anything! Also check out Pipdig, they are amazing for blog designs and help you out a lot if you use their service.

    Great Pictures Are a Necessity

    I didn’t take this so seriously when I first started but as I have grown into a more respected site, with decent hits, collaborations and interest in my blog, quality control, much like any successful business these days was a top priority.

    For me, this is a business although a very much loved hobby which I want to be well received. Showing how much you put into every part of your blog, especially your photography, will give you that extra edge.

    I have enlisted the help of numerous photographers and yes, that does come at a cost but look for someone whose photos match your style and contact them, like Fordtography, who since working with me has grown a massive blogging clientele base. 

    Whilst this can also be seen as competitive, you must know your worth and hope that you bring something else to the table, which I think I do, every, single time I shoot.

    Get your content sorted before you publicly announce you are launching a blog –

    Some say you should write a couple of posts before you actually launch your blog, but I would say, write at least a hundred posts and get them scheduled to go live at least twice a week for a little consistency. I don’t always follow to this but as a newbie, somewhat late to the game, you need to be on top of yours. Do not underestimate how long it takes to compile a post.

    Build Relationships – 

    Not just with brands either… that comes much later my friend.

    The world of fashion blogging isn’t a cutthroat world. You can live in the same realm as the big players without making them disappear.

    One of the best ways to grow a blog is by building relationships with other bloggers. It’s amazing what a shoutout from another blogger can do for you. It’s like if a big store tells all of their customers about how awesome you are and then you get a chance to show those customers what you are all about.

    How do you build these relationships? You help people.

    Find all of the fashion bloggers that you love and respect and stalk them. That sounds pretty creepy but follow everything they do online to find moments when you can help them out.

    Be You and Love It

    Great bloggers are great because they stay true to themselves and they enjoy what they are doing.

    You can feel both the authenticity and passion come through in everything that they do.

    It’s easy to tell when a blogger isn’t enjoying the act of blogging. There are huge gaps between posts. Quality gets compromised.

    Overall, it just makes for a poor experience.

    At the end of the day if you love fashion then being a fashion blogger is a great chance to make a living out of it. However, you’ll want to make sure this is something you are willing to commit to even during the times when it isn’t as enjoyable. You might not always love it, but if you can’t find yourself loving what you do most of the time then you are better off thinking about something else.

    I hope this has been a good read and most importantly an insightful one. I am not a full-time blogger because I have my own goals to reach which blogging alone will not withstand, but its good to remember, you won’t find success overnight, but if you stick with it you can definitely become a super fashion blogger.

    Lots of love & best wishes,

    CP xo

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