Easy, Breezy… Summer’s Must Have Tunic

Your ultimate summer go-to


        need not be a chore. My favourite outfits and most memorable occasions are usually when I throw an outfit together. You can either call this the skill set of an ex-fashion stylist or that of a crazy lady who completely disregards outsiders and their opinion of one’s outfit choices.

I am a firm believer in dressing for yourself and that self-confidence right there, has earned me the space on your favourite social media channels and features on the likes of Refinery 29 & Refinery 29’s Fashion Instagram feed.

If you do follow me on Instagram, you might notice my specific style which I try to maintain as polished with a healthy dose of IDGAF thrown in for good measure.

How do I make this look my own? I shop for pieces which completely my growing wardrobe and if it will only be worn once, then it’s more than likely not a good fit for my wardrobe.

With the UK’s so-called Summer upon us, I have found much delight in my new SS17 Tunic which can be worn a number of ways (with jeans, pleather trousers, any skirt type you can think of, or my preference, a good old Spanx or slip.

As you know, underwear as outerwear is very much my thing of late (blame it on the body-positivity movement or self love) but I not only hope that you love this look but most importantly, that you see this look and think, “dammmmmnnn Chlo, you look good and I can rock that too!”

It’s this summer’s easy, breezy must have tunic which you should try for yourself ASAP.

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