Celebrating #NationalFriedChickenDay with @stagoleesldn

If there’s only one thing America loves more than America, it’s fried chicken right? Now us Londoners can join in on the fun!

Chicken can often be a boring ingredient to cook, but having it fried is always a delight…to taste anyway.

So luck was definitely on my side when I was invited to sample the delights of Fulham’s new southern cuisine & restaurant Stagolee’s just in time for #NationalFriedChickenDay

Whilst #NationalFriedChickenDay is typically a US national day, this year the famed, finger-licking event has stretched even further, as far as South West London. Stagolee’s is the new hot chicken and liquor joint specialising in
serving Southern American fiery hot-chicken and smooth bourbons.

Curated by Chef Ashley James, a Texas native (previously Sous Chef at the
acclaimed Rainbow Room in New York who trained under Michelin Star Chef Tom Aikens) and
Jordan Harris, a food lover and native of Tennessee, have successfully created a lasting memory of authentic Southern
American joy, that us Londoners can now enjoy.

A typical Stagolee’s 2 for 1 Chicken platter comes courtesy of a deliciously creamy and sumptuous mac n cheese (probably the best in London – bar my nan’s homemade dish), traditional cornbread, a side of greens and your chosen type of Chicken – mild or spicy – washed down with the brand’s array of distilled bourbons like the Strawberry Daiquiri (one of my favourites).

The intimate space which houses Stagolee is definitely a place to be enjoyed amongst friends, family and even colleagues. I loved the interiors which shares joyful memories of a time my generation of diners are probably unfamiliar with… and thats the life and times of the Civil Rights Movement when black culture was not enjoyed at all. Now however, it can be.

The open-hearted, lively and soulful culture of Southern America is displayed throughout the intimate
Fulham venue. Timeless portraits of people dancing, eating, drinking the days and nights away
harken back to Ashley and Jordan’s family lineage and welcome Londoners in for a social occasion,
be it dinner before a night out of dancing or a weekend catch up over brunch.

Quoting American civil rights activist Cesar Chavez, Ashley and Jordan believe “…the people who
give you their food give you their heart” and that’s exactly what they are offering with Stagolee’s. 

A hearty meal, created and re-created by a long trail of nurturing Southern American women.

Head on down! 

CP xo

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