Curvy & Confident @odbclothing

Curvy & Confident 

I never thought I’d say this… out loud and on the blog, but I love working out. As well as building on my physical strength, I have noticed an increase in both my mental and emotional state too.

Finding body positive gym clothes for curvier ladies, has never been more difficult but I was recently contacted by ODB Clothing with my choice of activewear tops and of course I had to choose this one.

What I love most about this top is the lightweight and stretchy fabric which has this interesting quality where the top manages to hold you in, whilst remaining non-clingy. Strange but true. 

With a few of the major activewear brands tapping into the curve & plus size market, ODB Clothing is one step ahead with clothes that actually work for the owner whilst being a statement piece representing the minds and bodies of curvy women everywhere.

Join the gang!

CP xo

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