💦 #FloatFit 💦 with @Swimwear365

Summer is right around the corner… Hey, vacay!

Whilst every body is or can be deemed summer ready,  I have been working on mine for a number of reasons, but I’m sorry to disappoint you and say that the looming summer just isn’t one of those reasons.

I want to change my body for myself, for my own self-confidence and to beat any limits, I (or anyone else for that matter) have put on myself in the past. 

I’m breaking my own boundaries and building my own self-esteem from the ground up…quite literally.

So on my quest into the unknown world of, dare I say it, fun exercises & workouts, I discovered two new and exciting brands.

One you wear and the other you….do.

Thanks to Swimwear 365, I, along with some other bloggers/ influencers actually participated in an #FloatFit Aqua class at The Haymarket Hotel London.

In typical Chloe-fashion, I was the first and only person to continuously fall off my workout pad during the Aqua Fit class which on water, really tests your core and balance. I think it’s safe to say, that I have none of these bodily values, but I’d be interested in developing these and trying out this class again.

I mean it was fun and I also looked pretty good in my new Swimwear 365 one-piece which I can see myself wearing constantly this summer. Isn’t it just gorgeous?

CP xo

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