Yes, Spring is upon us…

and after considering the recent aftermath of retrograde within the stars , I thought I’d share my plan to help you spring clean and detox your life, in order to make way for truly spectacular opportunities, true happiness and experiences this year!

I drafted a post late last year to discuss spring cleaning and how to actually go about it, but having gone through major life changes and transitions as well as being inspired heavily by writer Scarlett CurtisGen Z Hit List post for The Sunday Times Style, I thought I’d give you a quick guide for spring cleaning your life as well as your personal spaces, whilst I quietly reinvent my life, look & blog direction, with a little help from Anna Shelley – a gorgeous, french, size-free brand I discovered through my trusty online style tool, Instagram.

Full outfit was gifted by Anna Shelley

So without further adieu, here’s how you can clean up your environment and acts in time for the Easter equinox.


Clear out old clothes and clutter within your home, workspace and every other environment you find yourself in, but be aware not to cross into someone else’s space – they might not be ready for this.

Make a conscious effort to keep every space you live, work and play in tidy. You may even want to take up a small DIY project, just make sure its realistically possible to do and doesn’t cost you ‘an arm & a leg’, if you know what I mean. 45% of people admit they feel more productive being in a clean and tidy space.

Change your bed sheets weekly and maybe try ironing them before you make your bed. It makes a huge difference! And don’t forget to set aside a sleep routine to keep you at your best, everyday… especially in the week day!

Take a long look at anyone you choose to spend your personal time with – if they are negative or give of bad energy or leave you feeling drained, it may be time for some space. Space doesn’t mean completely writing them off, but maybe a little time apart can help you both see things a little clearly.

Do the same for your social channels – clean up and go on a ‘unfollowing’ spree and instead, replace the crap with channels like Pierre Jeanty & The Good Quote – they are my faves!

Look into getting some professional life assistance & don’t be afraid of asking for support either! I am currently working with a Self-Care/ Holistic Coach, Tara Jackson who was recommended to me and is just a breath of fresh air!

Grab a notebook and write down exactly how you feel over a weeks so you can go back and reference them in a few weeks time, possibly before Summer actually begins. The key to this is to be honest with yourself.

Whilst you are at it, take a moment to re-envision your resolutions or plans for 2017 and make further, realistic notes on how to actually achieve these goals.

Take up a hobby, make time to the gym or hit a fitness class at least once a week. I have and I feel so accomplished doing so.

Make sure every decision you make during this Spring (and year tbh) you make using your gut as the leading force and live with those decisions. You will be thankful for these at a later stage of this year and your life.

Finally, make time for you and think of inexpensive and material-less ways to treat and love yourself. I like to buy myself a small bunch of flowers every other week, your treat maybe makeup or even travel focused, but do it and stick to it.

If you enjoyed reading this post or found it in some way (or anyway) helpful, please let me know.

CP xo

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