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Where in London can you find the most healthiest yet delicious menu in Central London?

Usually shopping and eating don’t naturally conjure the word ‘healthy’ in the same sentence, but until now, that was just hopeful thinking for West End shoppers on a good day. 

Let me introduce you to one of my favourite places to either dine or eat on the go when I happen to be shopping, meeting brands, friends or just going for a nose in Central London’s West End.

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Located very close to Topshop and just behind London’s Oxford Circus is the restaurant Ethos, a deliciously different, meat-free, all day dining restaurant, the brainchild of young entrepreneur Jessica Kruger. 

What I love most about Ethos, apart from their ridiculously good and healthy plant based food menu, is that every dish made on site (and from scratch) is just so beautifully presented, simple but exquisitely attractive. And that’s just the food! The interiors in Ethos are simply stunning and a food/ lifestyle bloggerS absolute heaven! The lighting is fantastic as is the furniture and the staff, well they are just so friendly, helpful and a delight to chat to whenever I pop in.

Lunch goals #humpday Aloo Scotch Egg is back! 😬

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Ethos is all about freshness and the option of having loads of choices. Eating healthy has never been so much fun, satisfying or accommodating.

As a Food Blogger, I had the pleasure of being introduced to the Ethos Restaurant as part of a press preview where one of their head chef’s even gave me a personal masterclass on creating a Scotch Egg from scratch. I don’t even eat egg but I appreciated the work that goes into making the healthiest Scotch Egg me or my Boyfriend has ever seen, and the verdict from the BF was that it was absolutely delicious. I think he even saved half of the egg for breakfast the next day.

The one downside to Ethos, as a consumer and someone quite money conscious like myself is that it’s not necessarily the most cheapest place to eat from on the high street. 

With a carefully curated takeaway box, you are looking at an average spend of £6 however if you are grabbing Lunch/ Dinner, you can typically expect to pay £12-£14 for both food and drink.

My favourite dishes from the all day dining menu, and in this particular order is the Halloumi Bites, Avocado Salsa Cups, Roast Cauliflower with Tahini Dressing & Cranberries, Arrancini with Feta and the lip-smackling good Japanese Miso Aubergines.

And don’t think Ethos has missed of Dessert either. Their photo worthy desserts are the highlight of the dining experience (if you can fit it all in). Choose from a large range of gluten-free, sugar-free and vegan desserts including sugar-free Brownies, Pecan Pie or Lemon & Raspberry Cheesecake.

Dribbling yet? Head down to Ethos on your next trip to London’s West End and tweet me (@chloepierreldn) and Ethos (@Ethosfoods) on Twitter to let us know what you think and most importantly, what you ate!

CP xo

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  1. February 16, 2017 / 8:40 pm

    My gosh this look delicious – can we go there for lunch when we meet?

    C x