Does Electronic Cigarettes affect the ageing process? #Lifestyle #Ad

How does Electronic Cigarettes affect the ageing process?

We’ve all heard that smoking can speed up the ageing process amongst other more crucial symptoms like failing health and cancer but where does Electronic Cigarettes stand in this discussion?

The detrimental effects that regular cigarettes have has been very well documented. The tar and nicotine contained in cigarettes, in addition to numerous other harmful chemicals, results in cigarettes causing one out of every five deaths within the U.S., in addition to one out of three deaths that are cancer-related.  Also, cigarettes accelerate visual ageing, damage hair and skin and harm basically all of the body’s organs.  But do electronic cigarettes have these same effects? 


The electroniccigarettes is a more complex kind of cigarette. It doesn’t
produce smoke or use tobacco.  It
releases an odourless water vapour instead. 
The electronic cigarette definitely has advantages over regular
cigarettes, with the major one being that second-hand smoke isn’t an issue any
longer.  However, the smoke’s heat
is just a minor issue when it comes to the ageing effects caused from smoking,
which can possible contribute to premature wrinkling.  A majority of the ageing affects from smoking are caused by
the chemicals contained in cigarettes as well as electronic cigarettes.

Premature ageing of hair and skin in smokers is caused by the
nicotine contained in cigarettes. 
The veins are constricted by nicotine, which means that less blood gets
into the extremities like the hair follicles and skin.  That means that the hair and skin do
not receive the essential oxygen and nutrients needed to stay healthy. This
results in faster decline. 
Nicotine causes the skin to wrinkle and sag prematurely, your hair to
grow brittle and thin, and produce an overall premature ageing effect.  Given that high quantities of nicotine
are contained in electronic cigarettes, they cause premature ageing as well. 

Other negative side effects produced by regular cigarettes
are also contained in electronic cigarettes also.  Nicotine alters mood and increases blood pressure and heart
rate.  It is also the addictive
ingredient that results in individuals becoming dependent on cigarettes.  Electronic cigarettes also have this
addictive quality, in addition to the link to heart disease and high blood

One of the benefits proclaimed for electronic cigarettes is
the fact that they don’t contain tobacco, which is one of the most harmful
chemicals that is contained in cigarettes.  Tobacco has carcinogenic properties that in particular
causes oral cancer.  There are
addictive properties to tobacco as well. 
Therefore, electronic cigarettes are marketed as a positive alternative
to regular cigarettes.  However,
even though there is no tobacco contained in electronic cigarettes, there are
still carcinogenic chemicals in them that may be dangerous to one’s
health.  Many carcinogenic
chemicals called nitrosamines that are in tobacco, are contained in electronic
cigarettes as well, in addition to numerous other harmful chemicals. 

There are properties in electronic cigarettes that cause
heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer and other negative impacts on health
in addition to nicotine, which also causes premature ageing the way that regular
cigarettes do.  That means that
they are definitely cause damage to physical appearance and health, although
there might be smaller quantities of the harmful chemicals contained in
electronic cigarettes.

Additional studies need to be conducted in order to
determine how harmful electronic cigarettes really are to aging and
health.  However, it does appear
that many of the same dangerous properties are still there.  Electronic cigarettes may be less
detrimental to one’s personal appearance since stains on nails, skin and teeth
aren’t as prominent, and there is no issue with smoke in clothing and
hair.  However, wrinkling can be
accelerated by just the act of smoking, with all of the continuous sucking and
pursing of the lips when smoking either electronic or regular cigarettes.    

Electronic cigarettes may be a better option than regular
cigarettes, however they have the same kinds of ageing effects, in addition to
other negative health effects. 
Therefore, when smokers switch over to electronic cigarettes they still
have many of the exact same risks that regular cigarette smokers do. 

Surprising news huh? Whilst this is a debatable discussion, I’d love to hear your thoughts on electronic cigarettes below.

CP xo

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