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It’s always great to be a first! The first person to do something. The first brand to do something.

And in my case the first time to write about something which you’ve always wanted to write about. 

The latter example is exactly what happened when Virgin Atlantic invited me to go behind the scenes to witness how Virgin Atlantic planes (via Gatwick Airport), the first airline to do many groundbreaking things like having a party on a commercial plane (yes that actually happened), put their customers at the forefront of their ever revolving, business strategy and to dispel those age old myths of how disgusting plane food can be. 

When was the last time you went on holiday, for business or leisure, and actually enjoyed the food you was served on board?

The last few times I remember being very high in the sky and actually enjoying the aircraft food served was when I was travelling to St Lucia with Delta Airlines and also to Jamaica with Virgin Atlantic and what I most enjoyed was that everything tasted fresh, wholesome and not like moist cardboard. Since then however the food service I have received on many other flights with other providers has hardly touched Virgin Atlantic/ Delta’s service. 

On this amazing trip to Virgin Atlantic’s HQ, based behind Heathrow airport, the impeccably dressed air hostess’ met us and took us through to a meet and greet with the amazing people who are responsible for creating and securing your in-flight entertainment including cocktails by the Funky Cocktail company as well as identity for the aircraft. 

Adapting & creating an inflight food style and stepping away from general plane food is what I have come to realise, is that Virgin Atlantic alongside Delta airlines do not only well but extremely great! Their new 787 aircrafts now serve high end, gourmet food for a streamlined service, and yes, it’s delicious!

Plus the airline duet, have also teamed up with an array of amazing brands to complete the incredible experience. What I love most is brands that give back, and Virgin Atlantic are not afraid to do so. 

They’ve teamed up with One to support the One Foundation cause to achieve their vision of creating a world in which everyone has access to clean and safe water, and since launching the water brand onboard Virgin Atlantic have helped raised more than £300,000 for the cause.

Needless to say, I look forward to travelling with Virgin Atlantic & Delta on my next flight.

CP xo

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