Back To Black With @LiveUnlimitedXx

Back To Black… Like I never left…

And that’s because I never did! 
I love wearing black, it always works so well for me!

Since we all need to stay covered up these next few months, our options can often be limited. Olivia Palermo, Gigi Hadid, and a host of other fashion ‘it girls’ and bloggers have shown us just how much they rely on leather trousers as a refreshing change from jeans.

Whilst this may seem like a new look for me, it isn’t. Without the addition of these beautifully punk, PU Leather trousers from Live Unlimited, this is pretty much a standard/ casual look, but without said trousers, it wouldn’t look as good. I can promise you that!

Whilst I love this overall look and how comfy these trousers (now on sale) look and most importantly feel, it’s very difficult to find a PU Leather Trousers exceptionally made. 

After one wear of these trousers, the threading beside the side-waist zip began to fray and doing the trousers up became a regular issue, so much so, I now leave the trousers zipped up constantly. 

Luckily, these are a stretchy garment so I’d also recommend going a size down or two, whilst factoring in your body shape, as these are more straight leg than skinny fit.

Shop the look below

Now ladies, if you think leather trousers are reserved purely for the air guitar renegades of the fashion world, or slimmer women without thick thighs, it is now time to discard this view and think again! 

After seeing me and my fellow blogger Lottie L’Amour looking perfectly fit in this sort of look, I dare anyone to say otherwise!

How would you rock this look?
CP xo

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