What Does Your Office Interior ‘Say’ To You?

What is your dream office style?

Wouldn’t you like to work in an inspired workspace, designed with interiors pinned straight from the lust worthy pages of Instagram?

Well not only would this be a dream come true (shoutout to the lust worth offices around the globe) but research by K2 Space suggests that everything from the colour of the walls to the temperature of the air-con has an impact on the atmosphere and wellbeing of today’s modern offices.

Designed by K2 Space

It’s a well known fact that people in the UK spend much more time in the workplace than ever before!

So employers are very much aware of the importance of a well-designed working environment & that office design cannot be overvalued. A well designed office can have a positive affect on your health (especially if you’re a startup or freelancer), and it will, without question make you and all of your employees happier over the long term.

The reasons for this, are simple, a well designed office boosts productivity, impresses clients and most importantly makes you feel good going to work every weekday and weekends.


One pro-point for this argument is to look at the end result – people who work and spend the majority of their adult life in well designed and carefully curated workspaces.

I contacted a few friends, acquaintances and well rounded professional, creative and entrepreneurial bosses whom I admire greatly, and asked them to show us their workstations and offices.

Be warned, you will be inspired!

Shini Park – Founder of Parkandcube.com

Emmie Louise – Founder of Top 10 Girl

June Sees – Illustrator

Tom Doran – PR Boss at Arcadia Group

And the newly designed Arcadia Offices, home to TopshopMiss SelfridgeWallisDorothy Perkins & Burton




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