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Do you love your denim? The Make Sure You Never Make This Mistake When You Wash Jeans…
Don’t you hate when your favourite pair just becomes unwearable due to unremovable stains, fading, or worse, holes?

One of my fashion resolutions to undertake this year, is to take better care of my clothes, starting with my denim, as I live in denim. Don’t you?

I’ve fought long and hard with myself in the past on whether to discard one of many favourite pairs of denim. Sometimes, I have become so infuriated with expensive pairs of jeans losing their colour and feel after just a matter of washes, sometimes, even after the first and only wash.

Have you experienced something similar?


to Mr Black,
enzymes commonly found in washing powder and detergents can have unforgiving
effects on jeans, leading to worn and fading denim. Unfortunately, there’s no
such thing as non-fading jeans, and unwashed, raw denim is particularly susceptible
to colour


If you want to prevent
your denim from fading, and keep it in the best condition, regularly putting
such garments through the washing machine is not recommended. But until no-wash
jeans are invented, the best alternative to hand-washing your raw denim in cold
water is Mr. Black’s Denim Wash.


After discovering Mr Black’s Essential Denim Care range, I made it my mission to review the product range and decide whether I could trust Mr Black to deliver an impeccable service and keep my denim fresh and clean, just the way I like it. Watch my video below for the review and tutorial on how to use Mr Black’s Denim Wash & Denim Refresh kits, plus my verdict on the brand (above).

 is an
all-in-one antibacterial denim cleaning spray made from plant derived
ingredients. Designed to clean, refresh and prevent stains from setting in
various types of denim – from selvedge denim to raw denim – Denim Refresh saves
you from washing or dry cleaning your jeans. It gets to the root of the problem
by removing stains from oils as well as surface dirt and bacteria.

Mr. Black’s Denim Wash is a unique
non-biological detergent specifically formulated for gently cleansing denim
garments such as dry denim, selvedge and pre-washed jeans. This carefully
crafted enzyme-free liquid offers an unsurpassed wash, breaking down
and rinsing away dirt but stopping the jeans
from fading.

Let me know your thoughts and whether you’d be interested in trying it to save your wardrobe denims with the help of

Mr Blacks.

CP xo



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