Kickstart The New Year Resolutions With A #Twerking #BTSTwerk Session @BloggersSlay @Kelechnekoff #BloggersSlay

I never, in my wildest dreams, would have thought I’d be blogging about twerking…

however in my plan to make 2017 the year I up my fitness and move my booty so to speak, I found a fun way to do so!

Every magazine and fitness expert underneath the sun has said the best way to keep exercise and a fitness regime a part of your lifestyle is to make sure its enjoyable. But who actually loves working out in the beginning?

Exactly! No one does!

So with the help of a brand new (and Black owned),and collaborative Blogging Community called Bloggers That Slay, I got to try my hand (and ass) at twerking in front of a room full of London Lifestyle bloggers at the new and dynamic Kelechnekoff Fitness studio, right here in my hometown of Hackney.

Inside a well recognised industrial park (for those who live in and around the Clapton area) in Hackney, is a brightly LED lit studio, clean and just big enough to make a group of girls feel like they are in an intimate and secluded zone, safe from male prying eyes and perfect for getting your sweat on without anyone having to see.

Image stolen from the epic Kelechnekoff x Gal-Dem Magazine event

And boy do you sweat! Even just from shaking your ass. What you will find after one class is a huge amount of respect for the ladies of Instagram and Video girls who do this regularly with complete ease, because it is a dance form and it takes a lot of work to move those bottom muscles, believe me! I’m Caribbean and fully versed in working those regions of my body but even I was in for a shock!

Kelechnekoff Fitness is all about being extraordinary and finding your personal amazingness! So go on, book a session with your favourite girls (this is a perfect idea for a girls day out, bridal and/or hen parties), for an hour of giggles and an intense workout without stepping foot in a gym!

Have you tried twerking or pole dancing? Let me know your fun ways to work out and build your fitness, in the comments section below.

CP xo

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