5 Pro-Blogger Tips for Creating Video for Social Media #CreateVideo #VloggerTips #BloggerTips

Are you interested in creating video content for your blog, site or just for fun?

Whilst I wouldn’t necessarily call myself an absolute pro-blogger at creating videos and submitting video content to the worldwide web, I do have a little bit of knowledge that I have learnt myself, from the Internet and from fellow blogger friends and influencers I admire.

Here is what I’ve learned along the way and tips for you to remember when creating your own videos for social media:

1. Maximize the quality of your videos

Everything from organizing the layout of your filming area to what camera you use is imperative for maximizing the quality of your videos/ vlogs. I bought myself a Sony A500 because I wanted a really good camera and the quality of the pictures on a vlog is very important, and I feel like my followers enjoy my blog more when I have good pictures. 

2. Invest in quality equipment and accessories

I try to invest in good equipment – everything from lighting to tripods and general camera equipment was bought previous to me ever shooting. I love Manfrotto for their photography equipment – they have a range of products for every budget for shooting and they love bloggers. My most used Manfrotto products right now are their Universal Smartphone Tripods perfect for Vloggers/ Bloggers shooting on the go. Check them out!

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3. Ease out of your shyness

It’s so hard to not be shy in front of the camera. I am constantly blabbering and getting my vocabulary mixed up but this is all apart of the journey (I am constantly reminded of this). With practise, the daunting feeling will passed and you’ll be a Patricia Bright or Gracie Victory in no time. 

(My fave vloggers ever!)

4. Learn to edit your own videos

It may seem like an easier option to outsource the editing of your videos, trust me, I’ve done a lot of research into it. But wouldn’t you prefer to spend this money on products for yourself or investment pieces to grow your vlog/ blog channel?

I was constantly asking my boyfriend for help with editing videos, and when I realised I was constantly waiting for him to actually sit down and edit them, I could have published loads of videos online and onto social media. I use iMovie as it’s already on my Mac and once you get used to it, it’s kinda easy. The next tip is also needed for using iMovie to edit videos.

5. Create your own style and video format

Once you get the hang of editing your own videos and content, it’s always worth noting down ideas you have for the next round of videos and a noticeable style you are recognising after each video is edited. My tip is to keep your videos simple and not too long. I watch other vloggers and can sometimes find their waffling tedious and boring, which ultimately makes me click off early. Notice what irritates you or what you dislike with other vloggers and video content in general and implement that change into your own video format.

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CP xo

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