The New Granny Chic #Trend You’ll LOVE!

That’s right! I tried out the Granny Chic Trend and I loved it! The question is, will you?

A part of the blog’s goals this year was to be forward thinking with planning and actually executing trends, I would have otherwise steered clear of. And I hope you would agree, that has now been achieved on, wouldn’t you agree?

The Lady Like trend was huge this year and amongst some of the most well known fashion tastemakers, the next elevation was the Granny Chic trend, which is a little too uncomfortable for most, but not for one of my favourite Designers, Sophie Hulme.

In her article with Wardrobe Icons, Sophie Hulme described being influenced by both her Mother & Grandmother’s style, putting it simply “They were so well put together – I love their attention to detail and the pride they took in pulling things together in interesting ways”

I discovered just how right Sophie Hulme was when pulling this look off myself. It was simple and with a few interesting accessories which paid close attention to detail, I looked the part, and felt good in it too!

Coat: ASOS Curve / Scarf: Beyond Retro / Skirt: M&Co / Boots: Missguided

I don’t think I need to remind you that fashion is made for expression and is for the individual. With that note, I encourage you to raise your glasses, or pens to say,  ‘here, here to Granny’s Great Adventure’…ahem, Chloe’s Great Adventure!

CP xo

Photos by Kaye Ford Photography

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