The Autumn Sunglasses Debate @SiliSunglasses

Today I propose a debate! 

Can and should sunglasses be worn in the winter? Should we regard wearing them as an Autumn Winter ’16 trend? 

It’s very hard to miss that in every other photograph posted to this Blog, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, I am almost always wearing sunglasses. 

Since becoming obsessed with them just over 8 years ago, I have built quite an impressive collection, which includes vintage finds I have lost forever, which pains me greatly to remember. 

So swiftly moving on, I’m sharing with you some of my top sunglasses trends for the foreseeable future, and many which can be found at one of my most recent online finds, Sili Sunglasses – which is not only affordable, stylish or perfect for the coming months, but also unbreakable! Yes you heard me right, UN-BREAKABLE GLASSES!

Why the brand is called Sili is beyond me, considering they are far from silly and actually really smart!

Forwarding Tip: Just remember where you keep them for next year and also don’t lose the box. This is the start of a downhill spiral of lost sunglasses – My biggest fashion peev!

The Customised & Blue Lens Sunglasses 

Modern Vintage – Dior

Hexagon – Ali Express

Back To Black With A Twist – Tiffany & Co

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  1. November 13, 2016 / 8:29 am

    A/W sunglasses for me are a necessity. When we get those bright cold days the sun sits lower in the sky and is in direct eyeline – it also bounces off damp or icy ground more which means migraine hell! If I dare step outside without my sunglasses then I'm screwed.

    C xx

  2. November 14, 2016 / 12:19 am

    I love your responses mi lady! Thanks for stopping by! CP xo