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I’e been ridiculously slow with this post, but I honestly wanted it to be really special and straight from the heart as I don’t often get too emotional, here on the blog.

The plus size industry, especially here in the UK means so much to me. If it wasn’t for me becoming a Plus Size blogger, I would not have had the confidence to pursue the blog in a fashion direction. This community, even if only from the blogging perspective, has been an eye opener, warming and has honestly helped me to find who I am and somewhere safe to convey the feelings I have lived with all my life. 

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I come from a family of small people, especially the women, so by default, I have always stuck out. At times my personality outshone and continues to outshine this but it doesn’t ever cover the feeling of being different and somewhat the ugly duckling of the family. With the help of some of the ladies below, I have become more than inspired and have finally found somewhere in this digital and blogging world where I fit, and I can capitalise on the curves I once thought held me back.

So today, I ‘Share The Love’ with the help of Curvissa and these awesome ladies, all of whom I look to for my sources of inspiration.

(P.S I’ve said a lot here, so I am going to keep my award speeches to these women short & sweet)

Michaela Gingell

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Like where do I start with Michaela?! Michaela was definitely one of the first people to welcome me to the Plus Size community and the #PSblogger community. She is a great laugh and always someone I can pick up the phone and chat to even if we haven’t met up in ages. My relationship with Michaela exceeds the blogging world and I am very happy to call her a friend. She is kind, beautiful and I am so proud to see how far she has come this year! Well done Mics!


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I mean, have you every seen a more gorgeous woman? Em is my not so secret girl crush, I am so obsessed with her as a person, as a blogger and her figure is TDF! 

Of the many #PSbloggers out there, Em’s style (I would say) is the closest to my own, its practical yet fashionable, risky and risque …all over babe this one! I just need to see her a heck of a lot more.

Kelly Augustine

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So this woman is my only US feature on this post and its because as much as we haven’t yet met, I feel we have struck a bond (thank you social media) and support each other’s work from both sides of the pond. 

As a fellow ‘Blogger of Colour’ I look up to Kelly not just for style inspiration but also hope and understanding of politics and rightfully speaking up for her rights and for what she believes in. Plus she looks so damn good in a swimsuit, there was no chance she wasn’t going to make it to this post of love!


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Okay, let us all take a deep breath, right now! Because this scrumptious babe is breathtaking! 

Lauren is my friend, a fellow lifestyle blogger and model and I just think she is divine. Lauren is one of those girls who I can chat to like I have known her all my life and I love how game she is! She nearly killed me for this post but she’s a trooper and I’m so proud of her recent successes and I truly hope all her dreams come true… she definitely deserves it! 2017 will be your year hun!


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This gorgeous Mummy & Superwoman to be and fellow Plus Size Blogger also falls into my ‘real list’. I love how Hollie just came out and introduced herself to me when I was unusually quiet at my first ever Navabi event. What I can say about Hollie is that not only is she real, but she is warm and you will sense that immediately if and when you meet her. I love how outspoken she is and how much she is a real woman and a strong one at that. Keep on running things, Hol! 

Dominique Gardner

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So lucky for me, Dom and I’s friendship has grown in part from blogging but also because we once shared a similar career path, Fashion PR, which Dom is still seeing through successfully. 

Dom is another one of my ‘Real Girls’. I love the way her mind works, our catch ups, the way she always makes a SICK pair of trainers work in an outfit (she is the best at this, no time for the wannabes when Dom’s around) and definitely our collaborations. You may have seen one or two on the socials or here, but I think Dom and I have a lot to look forward for in our relationship. Dom, you are a star!

Chloe Elliott

4 Ways you can give yourself a quick confidence boost – live over at now! πŸŽ€πŸ’…πŸΌπŸ’• #asseenonme

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Obviously my Clo was going to get a feature! Chloe after all is the only other plus size blogger with my name and equally gorgeous face! 

I absolutely love Chloe’s positivity and how she mixes girly glam (something I just don’t think is in my DNA the way she pulls it off effortlessly) with straight talking all the whilst looking so damn good and keeping her blog & its socials equally as pretty! I also don’t know another Plus Size Blogger with hair as thick and gorgeous as hers. She rocks!

Callie Thorpe

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I can actually remember the first time I met Callie, at a Marina Rinaldi event which I attended with the celebrity fam, and she is honestly the same now, as she was then…and that was almost three years ago. She is one of the most bubbly bloggers I have met, period and I am so ecstatic to see her successes.

Gabi Fresh

While I’m so happy to see a few amazing plus size women breaking barriers in the mainstream world, we still have a long way to go. Consistent representation across all forms of media is so important. We are more than any one viral moment. Thanks @LaneBryant @Refinery29 for helping continue the convo. ☎️ #ThisBody #SeeThe67 #ad

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I mean, if you don’t know, then you really don’t know, but Gabi Fresh is like the Godmother of Plus Size Bloggers. She was one of the very first people to inspire me and to make me think, I can do plus size blogging and share what I wear. She is an American but her style and what I believe to be her personality is transatlantic.

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