Experiencing British Jazz on River Thames w/ @Headout_App #Lifestyle #Ad

British jazz is a sub genre of its own.

It reached Britain in the early days of the jazz phenomenon, right after the end of World War I.

Jazz was first played by British musicians around the 1930s but the movement really caught on in the 1940s, when it was dubbed as “modern jazz”, which was heavily inspired by American bebop. This is when figures like John Dankworth and Ronnie Scott came to prominence.

A jazz cruise on the river Thames is by far the coolest way to take in London’s jazz culture. The unbeatable tour includes a three-course dinner and brilliant live jazz performances. The cruise offers stunning views and a beautifully romantic, warm and friendly atmosphere.  

From around the late 1960s, British jazz began to develop it’s own personal characteristics with the influence of other genres, including British blues. Since then, quite a few British musicians have reached international acclaim. One of them is the ChiJazz group, that just so happens to play on this cruise.

They perform a variety of modern, ambient tunes along with some upbeat, lively numbers, making the evening perfect for enjoying a nice meal and socialising. ChiJazz has a large collection of hit tunes including the ever popular “At Last”, “Cry Me a River”, “Have You Met Miss Jones”, “Mercy, Mercy, Mercy”, and “Girl from Ipanema” to name a few.

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