What It’s Like To Workout On A Friday Night with @VirginActiveUK #togetherweride 👊👊👊👊

There are so many parts of me that are still screaming whilst writing this post! 

Mainly because if you really know me, then you’d know that even though I really want to enhance my lifestyle and body with regular exercise, the thought of me, Chloe Pierre opting for a Friday night in the gym over a night out with friends etc…is virtually impossible. 

But I lived to share the tale, as did my fellow and brave Curvy comrade Lauren Nicole (aka the hottest Plus Size Model in the UK).

The Pack class which is one of Virgin Active newest class on their revolving timetable, was held at one of the brand’s most luxury clubs too – Virgin Active Walbrook which is probably the slickest gyms I have ever experienced! Like ever! 

Can you spot Lauren & I?

I mean, why else would I purposely subject myself, to what was actually an invigorating but terrifyingly intense experience, on a Friday night without a little luxury thrown in for good measure? 

This stunning club, just a stones throw from Bank Tube Station, has the most amazing changing rooms complete with lighting backed mirrors, electronic lockers, Molton Brown supplied toiletries, and you wont believe it until you try it, but a Salt Spa. Free for all members to use as and when they visit the club. 

For all of that, I would happily choose this Virgin Active club over any other London clubs, as my chosen haven on this personal fitness journey.

Other treats which made the session all the more worth it was hair & makeup by Perfect 10‘s Shamirah, delicious Soulmate Food  Peanut smoothies with an almost fizzy texture to it and my new favourite gym Gadget, the NEW Hydrate Bottle – which doubles up as a water bottle and a fresh water mistier just with a few squeezes.

The Pack is a cycle-based workout, ran by Virgin Active PT Luis, which pits three teams against each other to win four interactive games during the class and each team’s stats are all played out on a big screen in front of you, so there is no hiding from the rest of the class if you don’t pull your weight! 

Each individual bike is fitted with a small computer too which gives you personal information based on your performance including your RPM and the calories burned.

Imagine lots of bright disco-esque lights, pumping music and bucket loads of sweat! What I love most about this class was that it’s all about teamwork. Saying that, my team – The Tech Pack – didn’t quite win but we did give the other two teams a good ride for their, um… sweat! 

Fancy trying out your local Virgin Active Gym or braving the journey and the workout (beat out) at Virgin Active’s branch? 

I’ve got a Guest Pass for all of my readers, so just click here and let me know what you are going to do when there and how you got on. 

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CP xo

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