#WaistGang ‘ing with .@Vollers_Corsets #shapewear #musthave

As I step my ass up and join the waist gang, I thought I’d share with you my very first corset

which was customised to my exact bust to hip measurements (at the time) and actually fit! As well as still sticking by me now!

I’ve never planned on reviewing like products in the past simply because I have been embarrassed at the thought of who may stumble across my site, but I am an adult woman, who makes my own choices and is proud of my style and being body positive. Plus I have honestly always loved the way corsets accentuate curves and how feminine they look on women, and so far I haven’t noticed any medical side effects. 

This is partly due to finding such an exquisitely well made and crafted corsets by one of the UK’s most favoured and loved brand, by those who really, really know their corsets – Voller Corsets!

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Thanks to Michael at Voller Corsets!

CP xo

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