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It’s been a while since a romcom even came close to knocking
me off my feet! My last emotional film screening had to be Finding Dory, but we
all knew the back story…and roughly what was about to come next.

But nevertheless, I was completely blown away by watching
the new and unsuspecting, French film, which I hope will become a classic like
Amelie, UP FOR LOVE.

This brilliantly scripted bright, breezy and
irresistibly romantic comedy had more game than any guy you know…except Mr
Charming himself, Alexandre, who swiftly whips into the funniest ball of
forgiving love-fluff (my own made up word of course),
heartbroken lawyer Diane.

As always, I cannot give you spoilers, however I do need to
stress how much I enjoyed this film. I’d happily watch it every Sunday until
winter comes. If you ever needed to warm your cockles and believe in love again
except with a dose of the reality that, guess what, no one is perfect… then
this is your movie!

I cannot wait for it to come out in cinemas as of 5th

Now being some what of a natural critic let alone film
critic, I would like to point out a few things that stood out to me in Up For
Love, alongside the witty script.

As with many films with subtitles,
this obviously distracted me at some parts from the film,
but more so than that, was the fact that Diane aka Virginie Efira (of
Elle & The Sense of Wonder) wore very much the same sturdy tan sandals
which were great (I secretly wish I had a pair!) but seriously, any woman of
her calibre should have easily slipped into a pair of Choos! Jimmy Choos if you
were wondering! 

Also as a firm believer in diversity, I was truly disappointed
to see that instead of casting someone with an actual medical growth issue, Mr
Loveable himself, Alexandre – aka Jean Dujardin (The Artist, The Wolf of
Wall Street) was in fact reduced to special effects to display his condition,
which was sensed by a few critics and attendees…not just me.

As I sign out, apart from what I stated above, I
absolutely LOVED this film! 
Gone are the days were romantic comedies filled
your head with nonsense, if Up For Love has anything to say about it.

Huge thanks to Soda Pictures & Crepe Affaire for this
beautiful summer’s night screening!

CP xo

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