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The best way to cure a heavy festival weekend or hangover, is with the hair-of-the-dog…so to speak!

Well that’s what ‘they say’ don’t they? 

I’m not going to be pretend that this was my first experience tackling a heavy weekend because now that I’m in my late twenties, it’s very obvious that I’ve had my fair share. But never have I enjoyed curing the pain with free flowing bubbles in London Fields. So that was a first! And anyway, a weekend is not a ‘weekend’ without brunch. Am I right?

So lucky me, I headed over to Wringer and Mangle, a relatively new, London Fields, neighbourhood hangout in the endz’ for a spot of brunch with bottomless Cava bubbles and I happened to do so when the weather was simply perfect, in London terms.

With London Field’s being noted as a Foodie Hotspot’ by several online publications, serving great food in the vicinity is no easy feat, but I’m happy to say, that although I had heard good things about Wringer and Mangle, I only have greatness to report back to you today.

Wringer and Mangle serve a popular ‘Bottomless Brunch’ on weekends from 12-2pm for just £15 per person, however if you are lucky, they can extend this where possible. 

And each week, you can choose from the restaurant’s staple mains, like the nation’s much loved English Breakfast which is cooked to absolute perfection, or you can be slightly adventurous (and wowed – evidently) by W&M’s Weekly Specials which include a deliciously cooked Spicy Sweet Potatoes & Sweetcorn Hash, Mushrooms & Garlic on toast (to-die-for!), Chickpea Fritters or the sweet, yet quite savoury Brioche French Toast with Raspberry Jam (which is actually inside the toast) and Creme Fraiche.

This Brunch menu is changed monthly, as General Manager Forest informed us, so it would be worth heading down to W&M sooner rather than later.

If you miss Brunch, fear not because they daily menu is bursting with all sorts of good looking plates including as well as their Sunday Roast which also comes with it’s very own Evening Specials.

Whilst Wringer and Mangle is by no means, a cheap eat, I would say the price reflects the food, which is well thought out, tasty, and pretty ‘healthy’ too! Just steer clear of the cakes and puddings which had me drooling.

As for the space itself, I’m still left feeling like I wish I lived at Wringer and Mangle. I once read that “the space of a restaurant is organised and dressed to express an identity and influences how people behave.” 

If this is the case, which it clearly is at W&M, I need to be here all the time. It’s literally a mix of NYC style industrial features, with Russian Ivy plants creeping alongside feature walls, reclaimed wood tables, huge white washed, wide spaces adorned with purchasable antiques, a relaxed vibe (perfect for working in – freelancers take note) and plenty of Instagrammable corners, decorated to perfection! 

And the art! Oh the art! I saw plenty of items that will definitely make their way on to both my Decor & Wishlist Pinterest boards!

Not yet impressed with Wringer & Mangle’s hospitality expertise? You should be pleased to know that this fine establishment is always pushing the barrier to create a warm and friendly spot which everyone can love. 

From their soothing live band from 7pm on Sunday (during Sunday Roast servings), to the recently created Supperclubs,  a basement club, Doggy Cinema (yes you read correctly), national foodie day’s like World Gin Day & bar staff who are exceptionally talented at making coffee look good (see below), hand on my heart, I would say Wringer and Mangle are close to becoming my favourite spot of Summer 2016. 

Long may they reign! 

Now, would you look at that! Taking coffee making to another level.

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Sold? Make sure you reserve your next Sunday Brunch or Roast at Wringer and Mangle – I have!

CP xo 

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