Finding Dory Is Out Today! #FilmReview #LBloggers

The much anticipated Finding Nemo , Finding Dory is out today and I was lucky enough to preview a screening of the new film ahead of it’s launch to share and excite you!

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We’ve always known that their had to be a sequel to the ever-lasting emotional yet funny film, Finding Nemo and who better than to base the whole film around than everyone’s favourite, forgetful fish, Dory?

It goes without saying that each character in the first film was fantastically funny but also that they each had their own specific edge to them which made brought the stunningly created visuals to life, more than anyone could have ever expected.

Sitting in the most plush cinema screen, I believe London has to offer (unless you have a home-theatre of course), I visited the new Soho House Dean Street which my lovely Blogger pal, Dom of It’s A Style Thing, sipping prosecco whilst equally feeling the emotional pull of the new film’s storyline.

Whilst I honestly don’t want to give you any spoilers, which I’m notoriously awful for, I will tell you that this must-see film will really have you questioning, which film from the group is actually the best? I battled with myself for hours, but ultimately they both are fantastic films, with a fantastic cast to represent the characters. 

Both Nemo & Dori have grown and its nice to see Marlin with a little more of confidence and the real story behind how and why, Marlin met Dory.

Convinced to go and watch it tonight? Thank me later! 

Oh and bring a handkerchief with you… you’ll need it!

CP xo

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