.@Cheapflights New #Travel Emoji’s #WorldEmojiDay

With the launch of Pokemon Go app and the never
ending list of emoji’s being created (yes! I am a fan of the Kimoji also) I am
not surprised in the least, that we now have a #WorldEmojiDay.

Who would have thought

I pretty much use
Emoji’s in everything from emails, text messages and even to respond to
people…just using emoji’s! 

So when I heard Cheapflights, the
global flight search and travel deals website, is celebrating World Emoji Day on Sunday 17
July 2016 by launching the world’s first emoji flight search function, I had to tell you all about it! 


My Italian & Photography skills are getting better on this trip! Il dolce far niente – “the sweetness of doing nothing” 🇮🇹 I took this on the veranda of the #Monterosso Train Station with a🍺 in hand! #travelextakeover #italy #views #postcardfromitaly #travelblogs #travel #travelblogger #tbloggers #relax #travelphotography #lifestyle #ildolcefarniente #wanderlust #goodvibesonly

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all love travel…that’s one of the reasons you like my blog, correct? So you’d be delighted to know, that Cheapflights have made booking with them that bit

 Cheapflights has mapped 40 destinations across the world with popular emojis based on a few common
associations with each destination. 

For example, users can search using a
koala and a sushi and get flights from Sydney to Tokyo, or a union jack flag
and bike for London to Amsterdam. 

Launching initially as a prototype, Cheapflights
is the first flight search engine to use its proprietary search technology in
this way. The release follows the launch last month of Cheapflights Chat – a
Facebook Messenger bot providing flight, hotel and weather
 results based on you simply asking the
question plus Cheapflights Chat now has the emoji search functionality as

search is available on the Cheapflights mobile site in select markets globally
including the UK, Australia, Canada, South Africa and New Zealand and
eventually on the Cheapflights app by the end of 2016.  

Does this make you want to book your travel through Cheapflights? And how well do you know your emoji’s? Do you have any emoji’s you’d like to create?

I’d love to know your thoughts on this innovative service, in the comment box below.

CP xo

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