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What a relaxing Sunday it is! As a little treat to you all, my readers, I thought I’d post this quick Sunday review of Fenjal‘s new Classic Shower Oil, which is now my shower must have!

Some of you may notice the brand’s name, and that is because the Fenjal brand has been making it’s way into households around the UK since the 1960’s, with the first Fenjal product being a creme bath which included natural plant oil. 

Usually I prefer having a shower rather than a bath, especially during the week when there is hardly time to stop and breathe let alone soak in the bath. So I use my chilled Sundays for soaking, and being a Beauty Blogger, I thought I’d try out the new Fenjal Shower Oil, which was gifted to me, today.

I know it’s a Shower Oil and I’ve used the oil in the bath, but I tend to make up my own rules with beauty products and I’ve found the Fenjal Shower Oil works well in the bath too! From just one application, you can see the difference on your skin! In the bath, my skin gleamed and there was a humble scent floating around too. Not necessarily a gorgeous scent but most definitely a clean one.

The weather this weekend has been so muggy, and it’s made sleeping very difficult, so despite loving Summer’s warm and lazy days, I have noticed my recent and pretty constant exposure to the sun, has left my skin feeling dry, tired and lacking lustre. That’s why this Fenjal is encouraging us to keep our skin well hydrated.

Complete with smart ability to lock in moisture, the new Fenjal Classic Shower Oil provides eight hours of proven skin hydration after each use and includes a number of moisturising beauty oils and natural Grapeseed oil extracts.

One way I usually try to hydrate my skin when leaving the shower is by immediately moisturising with whichever body creme I am using at that time but with Fenjal Classic Shower Oil, even getting out of the bath, my skin wasn’t screaming for moisture after being towel dried, which means my body cremes can last even longer!

Grab yourself a bottle of Fenjal Shower Oil on your next trip to Boots! This is a bathroom beauty must-have for all the family!

CP xo

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