One way of travelling without the major airline costs, is to embark on a Summer Road Trip. Personally, I have only ever been on one family road trip in the past but now as an adult and keen Travel Blogger, I think it would be an awesome opportunity to experience parts of the UK, I have never even clasped eyes on. 

Whether you
are travelling from one end of the country to the other this summer to spend a
week or so on holiday, or choosing to tour around every day to a new location,
a road trip can be both fun and exciting. However, there are some things you
can do to make sure you avoid some of the common problems that crop up,
especially in the warmer weather. 

Here’s Point 6’s top tips for a successful road
trip in summer…

Don’t travel when everyone
else is.
If you need to get to a
certain destination at a certain time, then consider driving in the early
morning or even overnight so that you can avoid the busy periods on the roads
and arrive early. Motorways that serve major cities are best avoided during the
rush hour in the week. Instead, opt for weekend driving or going in the middle
of the day. If possible, avoid the Friday before the August bank
, too.

Switch drivers. Motoring for hours on end is tiring at any
time of the year, but the summer months usually mean extended periods of having
to strain your eyes in the bright sunshine in order to be able to see the road
ahead fully. Over time, this will take its toll, so remember you are on a break
and switch drivers regularly in order to get a break from lengthy stints behind
the wheel.

Stay safe on the road. Make sure you are able to complete
your road trip safely, especially if you are planning to drive more miles than
you car is used to. This means making sure that you have enough screen wash in
your car, that your oil is not too old and has been replaced relatively
recently and that your tyres are in a good roadworthy condition. Replace any worn tyres with new ones from a good dealership such as Point
which can
offer you advice on the best tyre manufacturer for your vehicle.

Tow within your capabilities When towing a trailer or a caravan, it
is important that your car has a suitably sized engine to do the job, especially
if you are going to be heading over hilly terrain. If necessary, weigh your
combined mass at a weighbridge to ensure you are driving legally and remember
that the rules are different for drivers who passed their test before 1997 compared with those who passed afterwards.

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