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After attending Danone’s NEW! Light & Free Yoghurt launch over a week ago, with Frame Shoreditch & Binky Felstead (Made In Chelsea star), which included a very challenging yet enjoyable rebound class experience, wait for it, on trampolines! 

It dawned on me how much I overlook breakfast meals and how much I’ve totally skipped breakfast altogether for much of my teenage years and all of my adult life so far. 

This terrible habit is not only very bad
but it definitely encourages health risks and has a huge effect on not just my
eating, but other aspects of life and body health too!

Are you also a non-breakfast kind of person?

Join me in this week long challenge and breakfast food diary, to help make our
mornings (and futures) brighter with regular, quick, healthy and wholesome
breakfast meals, perfect for those with minimal time in the morning. Lets face
it, I’d take 30 minutes of more time in bed snoozing than get up and eat, but
that is going to change! We are going to do it together! Share with me your
spins on this ‘Weekly Breakfast Diary on social media using the hashtag

Cant wait to see how you make your breakfast meals more exciting!

CP xo

My Weekly Breakfast Diary


After the Light & Free event, I must admit, it wasn’t easy to get up and make breakfast, so in this case, I just grabbed a Green Juice, courtesy from Frame Shoreditch. It was nourishing and felt great to put something more ‘thicker’ than water into my stomach.  


Easing myself slowly into this routine is the only way I can sustainably keep this up. So for the second day of my Breakfast routine, I decided to take a pot of Light and Free yoghurt to work and ate it quickly on the bus. Does anyone find eating breakfast makes you hungry by 11am?


So today, I confessed my plan to my partner who also happens to be my flat mate now. He was so happy, he promised to help me with a few breakfast preparations. Knowing I love a tasty meal, he prepared pineapple slices, greek yoghurt and a handful of granola. Needless to say, it was delicious, filled me up and was easy to digest even when I only had just 10minutes to eat before leaving the house.


Lunch at Aubaine, Selfridges

So today, I skipped the Boyfriend’s breakfast meal in favour of something a little more cheeky! Sometimes, a treat is needed/ well deserved…especially towards the end of the week. Don’t you agree?


Knowing how naughty I can be, eating and drinking wise on a Friday aka #Friyay, I subjected myself to another breakfast granola meal prepared by my boyfriend. It was just the same combination as Wednesday’s breakfast except he substituted pineapple to banana which was slightly disappointing. Banana just isn’t as juicy or sweet as pineapple but never the less, I ate it and was full. I’ve realised from this morning alone, that if I want to be choosey about breakfast, I need to get up and prepare it myself!


Credit: The Kitchn

When your on the go like I am on a Saturday, there is nothing better than Avocado on toast! I’ve seen a million and one versions of this simple, tasty and filling breakfast meal, but I decided to spice it up a little with a yoghurt spread, drizzle of honey and a little sprinkle of chilli flakes & flicks of lemon juice! It was terrific! Give it a try!


Now this is a first! After what seemed like a testing week in my Breakfast diary, I reverted to something quite new! 

A big, milk based cereal breakfast using the new Arla, ‘Best of Both’ milk or BOB for short. This relatively new dairy product is healthy lifestyle game-changer: a fat-free milk which tastes as good as semi-skimmed. BOB skimmed milk is fat free, pasteurised, filtered and enriched with protein to deliver a taste and texture that is as good as semi-skimmed.

BOB is available in most Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Asda stores for just £1.50 for 2-litre and £1 for 1-litre bottles.

CP xo

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