Late For #FathersDay? Here Are The Best Gifts You Can Buy Now! + The Perfect Meal #Recipe 😋❤️😋

If you are anything like me, you’ve probably left buying your Dad to the last minute! And it’s Father’s Day today!

The best thing you can do now, is to either head over to your nearest Carluccio and purchase this overwhelmingly good BBQ Wine & Cooking Hamper or if Dad is more of a Tea lover, why not head over to Kanuka Tea & order the Kanuka Temple of Heaven Gunpowder Tea Gift Set which comprises of a 125g loose gunpowder tea pouch, silver tea strainer and a glass mug – the perfect present for the man who’s always been there to make you a cuppa when times have been tough.

And in the worst case scenario, make your Father the best Father’s Day meal he could ever imagine! This recipe is the perfect recipe for someone time strapped and even better for those who don’t class themselves as culinary god/ goddess’. 

The response you receive from your Dad after cooking this is surely to get you a massive thumbs us! And if that fails, just ensure you mention it, cheekily, whilst he is tucking in to the meal… he will be too overwhelmed by the goodness you created on the plate to debate with you or even say no. 

I am quite the trickster, especially with my own Dad, but this dish is a winner & so affordable too! Check! Check!

I quickly popped into my local Whole Foods on Stoke Newington Church Street and after picking up a container of Burrata cheese, which I am so obsessed with, I overlooked the £6 something price tag (luckily, my Dad loves Burrata too!), then I headed down to the meat aisle as every dish, in my opinion should have at least one protein, one carb and as much vegetables as you and your guests can tolerate.

On slowing passing the meat aisle, I saw Whole Foods had Wagyu Steaks on discount for a measly £5 something, so I eyed up each pack, as they are sold individually, tallied up their cost against basic Whole Foods Pork Loins and rushed to the cashier desk.

And here’s how I literally made him shed a tear…in a great way! And you can too!

Wagyu Steak & Burrata Salad Recipe


x1 Fresh Baby Leaf Salad Bag
x2 Wagyu Steaks 
x1 Avocado
x1 Red Pepper
x1 Large Tomato
x1 Portion of Burrata (Try your local deli first!)


First, start preparing your salad! Get vegetable chopping as prepare the final chopped amounts of Avocado, Red Pepper (uncooked) and Tomato, on a handful of Baby Leaf Salad. Try and make this look pretty.

To prepare your awesome Wagyu Steak, all you really need, is a sprinkle of Sea Salt and Black Ground Pepper on each piece of meat and then grill this to each guest’s preference (Max 8 minutes otherwise the steak will not be worth eating)

Lastly, I would suggest chopping/ tearing the Burrata and placing on top of your beautifully prepared bed of salad. 

Burrata can be quite overwhelming to prepare for the first time, so begin slicing from the top of the package like you would with a tomato. For extra assistance, watch this video, as I did for the first time cooking with Burrata.

Love this post and my recipe? Fancy giving it a try and seeing if it works wonders on Dad this Father’s Day? 

Let me know how you get on! 

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CP xo

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