#Luxury In #GranCanaria – @SheratonGC Review #TRAVELTUESDAY

As part of my #CPtakes12trips challenge in April, my Boyfriend and I headed off to Gran Canaria for just 5 days to escape London,
which was perfect timing as it was really beginning to become overwhelming – Work, life, family, friends…everything, you know. 

So after an extensive search online and much deliberation, we decided to take up Secret Escapes option to the Sheraton Salobre Golf Resort in Gran Canaria. 

When searching online for Luxury Travel Guides on the location however, nothing outstanding popped out, so I hope this helps those travelling to the destination.

The Hotel 

As it was my first time visiting the overcrowded by British tourists, year round, sunny hot spot known as the Canary Islands, renowned for it’s sandy beaches and attractive climates I was extremely shocked when pulling up to the mountain side resort, Sheraton Salobre which was adorned with vast, stunning green landscape, cactus plants to every corner of one’s eyes and beautiful tonal painted buildings. I instantly knew how fantastic my images from this trip would look!

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As we arrived via a free transfer to the hotel, we were immediately greeted with smiles and English speaking, Front Of House staff who offered us a bubbly welcome and shared a map of the hotel, which is so big, it was very easy to get lost in. The first full day of our trip, Theo and I tried to familiarise ourselves with the hotel – no easy feat – but were ecstatic to converse with our UK guests who were not only friendly, but twice regular guests of the hotel, are falling in love with it some years back. It was not hard to see why.

The Sheraton Salobre hotel itself is very modern, with slick design features and friendly staff. Our room was also a sight! We were delighted to be staying in a spacious, extremely clean room, complete with a double shower and bathroom complete with a huge bath & jacuzzi like features, his and her two basin sinks & balcony with a view of the golf course as well as the mountains. Did I mention each room comes with a chaise lounge?! 

Initially being placed in a room towards the far end of the hotel seemed a little underwhelming but as the days passed, we loved being able to retreat to our room for quiet downtime, the ability to sunbathe on our balconies away from prying eyes and noisy children. Although, to be fair, there were not many noisy children but loads of couples, mailing of the mature kind who were polite except for a few who day on day proceeded to stare at us during dinner and generally walking around the hotel. Oh the joys of holidaying with older people & Europeans.

Speaking to other guests who had been situated closer to the ‘action’ it was reassuring to know they were moved by the hotel, with no fuss mind you,  to another room out of the way of noise. My travel tip for staying in this hotel would be to deter from staying above the main restaurant and above the main pools. I doubt it would be an awful experience, but if a break is what you are looking for, this would be a good shout. 

Also, don’t pick up anything from the minibar snack selection unless you want it, as you will get charged for it even if you put it back. The hotel operates an automatic minibar and although there is a sign, it can be overlooked and catches up with you at the end of the trip. Better still, remind your partner not to touch anything. Mine has a huge problem remembering this. 

The most exciting part of staying at the well deserved 5-star Sheraton Salobre Golf Resort in Gran Canaria, was undoubtedly the aura of mystique. It wasn’t until a guest mentioned there was a ‘secret pool’ that I made it my priority to investigate further and funnily enough, it actually didn’t take so long to find, however some effort was required and much thanks to a very sweet maid who saw us walking around and pointed us into the right direction. Generally the staff will not tell you of the pool’s location, sometimes because they don’t know where it is either, but it makes staying in the hotel even more exciting. In the peak season, I hear it gets so hot by that pool that regular breaks are mandatory, otherwise you will burn to shreds!

Views from the 24 Hour Gym


Staying at the Sheraton Salobre on the half board service, breakfast was definitely one of the better buffet’s to enjoy. There was a huge amount of variety on offer, especially at dinner, which was even better than that, with the hotel serving sushi on the night we arrived and attentive and well skilled chefs on the grill. Every other night, there was a different theme – Oriental, Spanish, Italian, Mexican etc. 

During our trip, we did experiment dining at the other restaurants by the pools (one on the 4th floor and the other on the 11th floor – where the infinity-like pool can be found) however I was not sold on the selection. Prawns & Bacon was not delicious but could surpass the time to dinner if the two ingredients together excite you. One dish you must try, is the Meat Paella which was honestly the best cooked lunch dish I had during this trip.

Unfortunately we didn’t test out the bar/ diner beside the hotel’s main entrance and golf shop, however it looked great and the wafts coming from their kitchen were incredible too. As for drinks, the bar staff are amazing, make sure you get friendly with the Bar Waiter, Arri, he ensured we drank a little after the main bar shut, which was around 1am.

A typical night’s entertainment at Sheraton Salobre Golf Resort in Gran Canaria

Exploring Maspalomas Beach

As our hotel stay was way up into the mountains the beach is undoubtedly out of walking distance, however the Sheraton Salobre Resort facilitates all guests with a free, hourly shuffle towards the Maspalomas beach and town, which is no more than 20 mins away and takes such a scenic route, I dare anyone to get bored on the journey.

When the weather is slightly cloudy around the hotel area, your best bet is to head down to the beach. On many occasions during our trip, we ventured to the beach on overcast days and it was amazing how hot and bright it was at the beach! iThe hotel service, in my open, quadrupled at the point we realised the Sheraton owned a villa by the beach, solely for the use of hotel guests to change, shower, stash personal belongings in their lockers for free, and even sunbathe if the heat by the beach becomes too much. We both felt this was the final touch which made the Sheraton a 5-star resort compared to others we viewed online before travelling. 

Down by the beach, there is a whole host of beach facing restaurants for holidaymakers to try out, however on both occasions, we stuck with a favourite, The Senador, both times was delightful! A fish dish is a must! So fresh, well cooked and delicious!

Fancy a little adventure? Maspalomas beach even has Sand Dunes which was a real surprise and great for taking a few epic holiday snaps, as you can see here. My followers on Instagram constantly requested to know my location, as this was not the scene one could expect from the Canary Islands. But now you know!

There was certainly a lot more to do in Gran Canaria than we bothered to take advantage, mainly because we wanted to relax & tan but if like us, that is your goal, you will totally be able to do just that and love every minute of it! Will return to the Gran Canaria Island life? Without a doubt! 

Love this review? Travelling to Gran Canaria and found this review helpful? Let us know below. 

CP xo

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    • May 31, 2016 / 7:52 am

      Haha I think that has now ended but I didnt realise how popular this resort was! Thanks for stopping by! CP xo

  1. June 5, 2016 / 9:43 am

    Adding this to my shortlist for a September mini-break – I need some sunshine!

    C xx

    • June 5, 2016 / 10:41 am

      It really was a fantastic place to stay! Hope you do get to visit & glad you liked the review! More to follow! CP xo