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I can honestly say, this feels like it’s been a long time coming – I love travelling and I love being able to share my travel experiences with you all,

but I definitely don’t enjoy being in one place/ city for too long either, which rings true with AFAR’s ‘When to Travel This Year, Based on Your Astrological Sign‘ post.

And unfortunately, being raised in such a bustling and hard city, such a London, it has taken its toll on me – unlike people raised outside of London and feeling the wave of freedom joining such a diverse and busy capital. So when I came across a past discussion amongst a few travel bloggers I admire, I decided to do my research and delve a little further into the intriguing hashtag, 


Once I realised the opportunities and possibilities that could arise from joining this challenge, I immediately contacted my close friends and in less than 24 hours, our #TAKE12TRIPS challenge began! The #Take12TripsChallenge basically ensures that the participant(s) indulge in taking one trip every month for the rest of the year whether that be domestic or international – just to get out of the grey, dulling and dreary London! 

In writing and sharing this post with you, I hope it will be able to serve as a lifelong document our time travelling, our fun upon taking up this challenge (financial issues will be recorded) and also to serve as a post of inspiration that if you aren’t very happy in what you are doing, and where you are in life, it may not be the answer to pack up and jump on the next train or plane to Bali or the Philippines (yes those are on our list too!) but maybe just to set yourself a challenge and see if that changes the way you feel, see yourself and see the world.

Follow me (as often as you like) using the hashtag #CPTAKES12TRIPS on Instagram and Twitter to see where on this planet my friends and I are next! To review any of the places I have already ventured to, please click on the images below.

CP xo


january 2016

“Take your pleasure seriously” #100quotesbycharleseames” #TAKE12TRIPSCHALLENGE : 01 #HappySunday #eames #interior #design #architecture #exhibition #sundays #charlesandrayees #thebarbicancentre

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Trip #1 : London’s Barbican Centre

Event: Charles & Ray Eames Exhibition



MARCH 2016

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Trip #3: A Night’s Staycation at The Dean Street Townhouse

APRIL 2016

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Trip #4: Afternoon Tea at The Langham, London

MAY 2016

A bubbly welcome from @sheratongrancanaria 🍾 #CPtakes12trips

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Trip #5: Sheraton Salobre, Gran Canaria

JUNE 2016

Trip #6: Perugia, Italy


JULY 2016

Trip #7: A Wedding In Monterosso, Italy


Ladies on Tour do… Windsor

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