@DrakeandMorgan Review: The New Chic Central Hangout

Once upon a time, the place to hang up your week long work attire and slip on something a little sexy, like an LBD, stiletto heels, to party the night away with your #girlsquad 👯 was usually London’s swanky West End night clubs. 

Fast forward 10+ years and yes, we have all got a little older, but I’m pretty sure I’ve discovered London’s next upmarket hangout to relive those good old days with my old friends AND new friends in tow! Sorry Drake.

The place in question, is of course, Kings Cross’ intimate yet welcoming Drake & Morgan restaurant, bar and all round amazing-ness! 

With the likes of member’s clubs which are completely oversubscribed, stuffy and ridiculously expensive, and other high street haunts which are flooded with what seems to be filled with teeny-boopers trying to be as mature as possible and failing at every buckle of their heels against the other, it’s really easy for me to say, going out has never been this hard. 

Netflix and chill is a great option in the winter months, but what do we mid/late-twenty somethings do for a ‘night out’ in Spring/ Summer which doesn’t involve getting chatted up by a super cute but inappropriately young male and waiting ages to be served? 

We head to Drake & Morgan’s Kings Cross branch!

Interior & Atmosphere

One way to describe the interior at Drake & Morgan (Kings Cross) is comfy. On the other hand each detail can be described as luxe, well thought of and almost accompanies the feeling of being a home away from home. The built in shelving display complete with cutlery, books and complimentary sweets also adds to the general welcoming of Drake & Morgan’s establishment.

Credit: @ihavethisthingwithrestrooms

The upstairs dining area is open planned and easy to manoeuvre. On one side is the kitchen, bar area and some seating as is the other side of the floor filled with seating but also includes some tables elevated above the general dining area with wide panelled glass giving diners a 360 of the budding, entrepreneurial landscapes of Kings Cross and it’s new thriving office buildings. A beautiful site to see, especially in the evening. 

Despite being surrounded by buildings, Drake & Morgan has selected a stunning location where if you look up, you can still see the stars in the sky, and directly outside the entrance is an exceptional water fountain lit with a rainbow of colours and well kept bushes adorned with pretty flowers. This only adds to the welcoming ambience inside Drake & Morgan which is kept in high regard by the attentive staff and waiters who know the menu extremely well and can advise you should you wish to be adventurous.


Although the Starter menu looked delicious, on this occasion, I had to skip this part of the meal as I wasn’t exceptionally hungry and wanted to dive straight into the mains. 

Should you wish to indulge in this part of the menu, as did my guest I would suggest trying the Burrata small plate, with Heritage Tomatoes tossed with Basil leaves, Avocado and doused with Balsamic Vinegar. This was fresh and a great fleshy starter to give you a head start on the mains to follow. I loved the ‘While You Wait Dishes’ too. 

At Drake & Morgan, these selections, look delicious and too affordable to miss at only £2.95 per dish.

For my guest’s and I, our mains consisted of the well cooked and deliciously light yet flavoursome grilled Seabass which was beautifully smoked with a lemon butter topper and for an extra delight, the Wagyu Burger which was extremely well cooked, easy to chew and from what I hear, a firm favourite on the menu.

After the mains were washed down with the well presented cocktail ‘The Kindness Of Death’ – a Duppy share, chai infused antica formula with cardamom, sugar, pineapple & grapefruit juice, we thought we had hit a finish line, but instead pushed ourselves to one dessert each, which we promised to share. This was very difficult indeed. 

Ordering the Chocolate Brownie, which resembled more of a Tart and grilled Pineapple slice with Mascarpone dessert, left my guest and I fighting crumb for crumb with our dessert forks. 

Out of the two, the better winner had to be the Pineapple dessert dish as it was light, sweet and beautifully presented which made it all the more devourable. Unfortunately this has been recently removed from the current menu however, there is never any harm in requesting this, although I do not know how likely it is that you will receive it.

Fun fact about Drake & Morgan: the restaurant takes its name from two of the nation’s most beloved explorers – Sir Francis Drake and Captain Henry Morgan. With a warm outdoor seating area fully equipped with snuggly blankets to keep Londoners cosy on these cold winter nights, as well as a brilliant menu featuring small plates, grills, larger dishes and an extensive cocktail list, this fine establishment has something for everyone.

Definitely go & visit this Summer!

The outdoor dining is set to be beautiful, yet busy this coming Summer if this review is anything to go by.

CP xo

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