Blue Power Pastels

I’d like to think of my style as feminine and girly-girl, but who am I kidding? 95% of the time, the only hues people ever see me in is black, white, grey and, well, more black on top of that. 

When Spring decides to hit town, I usually feel the need to change this monotonous way of dressing up, but not by far. I usually just spend a whole load of cash on Summer Whites! 

Am I alone here?

Recently, I really have been dwelling on this. Adding more fashion #ootd posts to this blog is a promise I’ve made to myself (and now to you guys too) but more importantly, I want to feel bright and wear more bright colours in the hopes I feel better and regain a sense of confidence which I once lost. Sound silly?

Making my first, invested, power play in the colour arena, I found that I am really drawn to pastels, and not just the usual pinks or yellows shades, but blue – a colour I have rarely worn my entire life! And guess what? I felt rather amazing wearing it too! ‘Sharp’ is the first word that springs to mind when I look back at these images and the clothes in my wardrobe. What would have made this outfit, that bit more ‘summer’ would have been to team it with flat or summer sandals.

Front Knot Top – Studio 8 Jacket – Studio 8 Jeans – ASOS Heels – ASOS

What I have learnt from this exercise is to experiment with colour and anything else which represents even a slight fear to you, then rock the hell out of it! Just like I did with this Blue Power Pastels outfit!

CP xo

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