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It’s not every Thursday night that I get invited to such an extravaganza but yesterday was just that! My first introduction to Zootroplis was in the form of a email invitation that read ‘Screening & Party’ but what I attended was that, yes, but also everything more. 

Held in Brick Lane’s iconic Boiler House, Zootropolis’ UK launch was something truly wild, and exciting – complete with mammal antics, tasty, themed food, Hopps & Wild bar with complimentary cocktails, live graffiti wall, body-painted tiger dancers, photo-booths, and all in all, a sick afterparty. 

Disney’s Zootropolis movie, the #1 film in the USA at the moment, was truly special too. Yes an animation but one that references many of the social issues, that we as a society are unapologetically faced with at present. From race, #lifegoals & changes, diversity and of course, politics too, are all documented in this fun Disney animation which will almost certainly have the children laughing but also adults too! 

All of the characters are superb and extremely larger than life as is the plot. I could really go on, but this is definitely a picture I’d recommend everyone, even those who think they are too old for cartoons, to watch. This is a blockbuster and a movie that should be seen as well as watched in the company of friends, family and most importantly, in a cinematic environment. 

Would you go and see Zootopolis? Let me know below.

CP xo

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