I don’t know for you but deciding on what to pack for a domestic or international trip, always has me at a crossroad.

 On one hand you never want to over pack because carrying extra baggage is never fun, but then you also don’t want to forget items which are crucial to helping you reach your highest potential whilst travelling, even if it is an extra pair of shoes, jeans or that new NARS Lipstick collection you just bought as ASOS. You never quite know what you are going to need! 

As a frequent/ experienced traveller, I am constantly propositioned by friends for what to pack when travelling, this trip to Copenhagen included!

Last weekend, I heading over to Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark, for a well deserved and relaxing spa weekend with my best friend Kayleigh. Of course, this will also be my second adventure of my #Take12TripsChallenge, which Kayleigh and I promised ourselves at the beginning of 2016.

So what are the ‘Top 10 Packing Essentials’ one needs for a weekend spa break in the ‘hyggelig’ (not really translatable, but “cosy” comes closet) Danish city of Copenhagen?


1. A Warm & Waterproof Coat

Adventurous travellers don’t let rain get in the way of their plans, so make sure you waterproof yourself. Pack-a-macs are a great option as they’re lightweight and take up minimal space in your bag. For something a little more robust, this ladies Gore-Tex jacket by Musto is a winner. A backpack cover is also a good idea to make sure you’re belongings don’t get wet, especially if you’ll be carrying clothes and valuable electrical items.

2.  A Warm Pair Of Gloves… Or two…
I brought two pairs of gloves to ‘switch it up’ on this trip – Style especially in the height of Copenhagen Fashion Week, was a must for this blogger. Of course it was a little bit excessive having two pairs but there is always the chance of losing them, unless you put them on string like Kayleigh does (always the prepared one!)

I’d recommend getting a really high quality and insulated pair like the ones here from Rokit Vintage. They are so chic too!

3. Sturdy Walking Shoes/ Boots

I cannot explain how grateful I was for having a change of shoes during this trip. Walking was always going to a huge factor as I love to actually see the city I am visiting, and boy does Copenhagen have their trails for walking. I chose my Nike Women’s Wedge Sneakerboots as the perfect cold trip shoes, as they literally protect your feet from so many types of harsh weather conditions. Definitely worth a buy! 

4. Swimsuits
Of course, on any spa trip, swimsuits are essential. Having recently won the lovely Gracie Francesca‘s Simply Beach Blog competition, I had a range of swimwear to choose from which actually made packing so much more fun! With spa trips, of course fancy swimwear can be worn, but on this ‘girl’s trip’ I went for a classic, black Seafolly swimsuit with a subtle edge. Absolutely loving this brand at the moment too – some of the range goes up to a UK Size 18!

5. Flip Flops/ Spa Sandals

Kayleigh forgot to bring her flip-flops but for me, walking bare foot in any shared bathroom/ spa/ leisure space actually switches on a lifelong fear of mine. Remember when you went swimming with school, and then weeks later there was an outbreak of veruccas? Yeah, I’d rather bring a pair of spa foot protection, and so should you. In case you have forgotten, head over to your hotel’s front desk who may be able to supply you with a complimentary pair.

6. Make Up/ Selfie/ Skincare
For harsh weathers, my go to brand is Dermolgica – Plus they gifted me this cute ‘Selfie’ Make Up Bag which fits all of my travel essentials in it! 

7. Good Lip Balm

I cannot tell you the amount of times Kayleigh and I asked each other for lip balm on this trip. It was probably due to a combination of dehydration and the sheer coldness of the city which constantly had us searching frantically for our Carmex lip balms over the course of one day sightseeing. Don’t scrimp on this, a good balm is necessary and it doesn’t take up much room either.

8. Thermals/ Active Wear

These are two completely different types of clothing but I find it so easy to layer over active wear, and they are so easy to wear. When you spend a day sightseeing in a cold country, its imperative to layer as well as to wear something comfortable. I find Heat Holder Thermals by far, the best too! really handy for most weather and really comfortable to wear, so I’d suggest you invest in a set for both legs and chest asap.

9. Portable USB charger 

These little gadgets are incredibly handy, easy to carry and ensure all of your devices stay charged for longer during the duration of your trip! Just make sure you don’t forget a charger also – but if you do, most Hotel Front Desks can provide you with one during your stay. Do look out for charges on this though! 

10. Guide/ App

For me, personally, city breaks are most fun when you get a little lost. Saying this, I wouldn’t suggest you do this when travelling alone. Luckily Kayleigh and I decided to venture quite early on in the day so it was still bright so getting lost became our little joke. To save yourself time, always try and buy data so you have access to Google Maps etc. One Travel Guide App I’d recommend to people travelling to a new city is TripAdvisor & it is free! Once you download it, you can keep it on your mobile for whenever you get stuck…anywhere, as its a global app!

Are you planning an adventurous trip in 2016? What else should I add to this list? If you found this post useful or simply enjoyed reading it, please leave me a comment in the box below.

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