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I have decided that Dry January is an evil concept and I plan never to undertake it ever again! Detoxing my body from all the food of Christmas past, then yes, but to not consume any alcohol, carbs and sugar like I did was just a recipe for disaster. Plus my Boyfriend and I broke it last Friday with just under two weeks to spare…oh the shame!

If you are planning on continuing with your dry January hand, I thought I’d share with you a recipe I discovered, perfect for ordering/ making when you have confined yourself to not drinking. Step in my Raspberry ‘Champagne’ Coolie!

Raspberry ‘Champagne’ Coolie Recipe (Non-Alcoholic)
x2 Champagne Flutes from BUTLERS
50g fresh or frozen raspberries
1- 2 teaspoon Sainsburys Taste The Difference elderflower cordial (to taste)
100ml chilled, 
sparkling Budgens Elderflower Tonic 

A few extra raspberries to garnish 

1. Place a few raspberries in the glass flute
2. Add the crushed raspberries (& ice if you’d like) to a champagne flute
3. Add 27.5ml of elderflower liqueur into the flute, then top with 
Budgens sparkling Elderflower Tonic and stir gently 

4. Serve immediately

If you like this recipe or have any ideas in particular for me, please let me know below.

And if you really cannot be bothered with making this delicious drink (it’s delicious because I saw so, obvs) then I suggest you purchase Kopparberg‘s new Non-Alcoholic cider from your local Tesco, ASDA, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Co-operative Food and Waitrose. Bursting with the same signature fruit flavours of tasty apples, fresh strawberries, juicy pears and delicious blackcurrants and raspberries, the Kopparberg alcohol-free range delivers maximum taste and ultimate refreshment. Best served over chunks of ice – FACT!

Sharing is caring! Good luck with the rest of your dry January! Pssh! 

CP xo

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