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Happy #BreakfastWeek & whilst we are at it, top of the morning to you all! Hope you are having a lovely Monday morning, even if it is getting a little dark first thing in the morning, nowadays… Oh the joys of winter! 

Anyone who knows me can tell you, that I am NOT a ‘morning person’. And yes, there is such a thing. My Boyfriend is usually quite chirpy in the morning, as are my Mum, Dad, Grandmother and many of my other relatives, as far as I know, but unfortunately I just didn’t get that gene. So its not surprise either that breakfast is not a time I usually incorporate in my day to day life, except when on holiday abroad or if I don’t have to rush out straight to meetings, press days or work but, it is something I’m trying to change. 

From what I understand, eating breakfast is a really great thing to do as it gives you the fuel for the day, for me I’ve learnt that its great for a healthy lifestyle which I am slowly incorporating back into my life as well as being a time I can use to get my thoughts together and possibly plan out my days a little better. That and getting all the nutrients I need for a jam packed day ahead.

So when Mcvities got in touch to say they were sending a toatally awesome surprise my way, I was eager to find out what they had planned. First thing on a weekday morning the postman delivered me a huge blue and yellow box, containing an equally large and __ balloon and completed with a picker (to pop the balloon). I had so many of my colleagues looking at me at this point, like something really strange was about to happen, so I wasted no time stabbing the balloon with this picker, to which some time later, thankfully the balloon popped! Releasing some paper confetti, I stretched open the balloon to find inside, the new Mcvities Breakfast Biscuits in an array of delightful flavours, some with fruits i.e sultanas/ raisins and the perfect little capsule of a variety of teas to go with the new biscuits, available now from your local supermarket.

Needless to say, I was shocked and equally as excited to try! I honestly loved the biscuits as it made such a difference to my mornings for the rest of that week as I had something new to try and you can bet your dollar, I was jam packed with fuel for the rest of my day and bursting with energy which slowly released throughout the day. Perfect for providing those, like myself leading busy/ chaotic lifestyles, with Oaty Oomph just when you need it most!

Mcvities Breakfast Oaty Biscuits are baked with porridge oats and a wonderful source of fibre, energy, iron and those all important vitamins – B & D.

If you are like me and don’t make breakfast a priority, but you want to change this and become healthy, fitter, energetic and less likely to overeat, I would definitely suggest trying the Mcvities Breakfast Biscuits. I also came up with a cool trick to make breakfast more interesting!

Mcvities Breakfast Biscuits Mash Up

Place Mcvities Breakfast Biscuits in a bowl and smash to pieces with the bottom and edges of a tablespoon.

Top with 1/4 to 1/2 of a 450g tub of natural yoghurt.

Squirt one teaspoon and sugar over the natural yoghurt and continue to do the same with your choice of fruit. I love a great mix of breakfast nuts, (flax/ pumpkin) seeds, fresh raspberries, strawberries, half a banana (chopped) and throw in half a kiwi for good measure. I love the Sungold Kiwi range – they are so tantalizing!

Then devour! Make sure you have a breakfast/ herbal tea to wash it all down too! That’s what I call a productive morning!

*Mcvities Breakfast Biscuits contain; 1900g Energy, 14.0g Fat – 3.9g which saturates, 1.0g Salt, 9.6g Protein, Carbohydrates 

How do you make breakfast in the morning and do you do this regularly? Have you tried the NEW Mcvities Breakfast Biscuits? Let me know how you’d incorporate this new breakfast staple into your morning meals below.

CP xo

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